Two Intensive Master Class Programs

A leader juggling all the stuff that leaders have to deal with such as conflict, teams, change, and success
Proud woman leader overlooking the great team that she created


  • Get rid of the misunderstandings and miscommunications that take important projects off track
  • Eliminate the power struggles that distract from the work that needs to get done?
  • Put an end to teams that do not live up to your expectations?
  • No longer be disappointed because your people don’t do what you expect them to?
  • Replace blaming and finger pointing with a sense of responsibility and accountability?
  • Find that your people immediately take your feedback to heart?


Would you like to Build Teams and a Strong Culture that

  • Escalate productivity
  • Minimize unwanted turnover
  • Strengthen high quality teamwork
  • Optimize the potential of your people
  • Retains good people

As a leader or change practitioner, you must guide your teams past whatever might hinder or block results. You must create potent teams of productive and engaging norms within a healthy culture. Without them, you will fail. Effective leadership creates successful teams. Successful teams do the work that make for successful organizations. Effective leaders and change practitioners have the ability to motivate both individuals and teams, even in the worst of circumstances, aligning them toward a common goal.

And, that isn’t easy. Leaders and change practitioners are responsible for resolving issues when too much conflict, poor engagement, or excessive emotion stall teamwork and productivity. They must lead and facilitate them through constant and complex change, while insatiable demands tug at them and their stress is mounting. They must succeed in all these situations.

To Win in Leadership and Manage Complex Change

To win in leadership and to master change situations made complex by people and circumstances, you must master three things – yourself (where it must start), human systems (the basis of team dynamics), and the basic steps of complex change. The Center for Human Systems has developed two intensive and comprehensive master-level programs to help you accomplish all three.

Unlike other leadership and change management courses that cost a fortune and lack the essential elements of self-mastery and mastery of human systems, our programs offer both. They will allow you to build powerful, creative, synergetic, motivated teams that quickly move toward success.

Take a Master Class in Leadership or Managing Complex Change!

Learn the skills of self-mastery and leadership needed to create powerful teams and organizations. Learn the fundamental steps needed to create change within the complexity of today’s organizations and which normally comes with working with complex human beings. Experience learning and development like never before! Start with either program. You will eventually want both.

The 9 Disciplines of
Leadership & Self-Mastery

Featuring the Nine Disciplines of Self-Mastery from conscious use of self, human systems, and support systems to the mastery of the win/lose power dynamics of so many teams.

You will learn to understand human systems and effectively manage yourself to effectively influence teams and organizational cultures for high levels of engagement and productivity.

The 7 Core Actions of
Managing Complex Change

Featuring the Seven Core Actions from initial mindset to building agreements and resolving conflicts, to establishing the accountability that ensures execution.

You will learn the key steps leaders and change practitioners need to develop the team and cultural norms needed to correct dysfunctions and achieve excellence.