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Organization Consulting

With organization consulting, we assist executives in building effective teams and organizations. We will work with you to identify and eliminate systemic pain points so you can effectively pursue your objectives.

  • RSolve Problems
  • RResolve Conflict
  • RBuild Teams
  • RStrategic Planning
  • RChange Cultures

Key Topics

What This Service Covers

Strategic Visioning

Let’s craft with your team a clear and compelling vision that aligns goals and strategies for sustainable success. Our expert organization consulting ensures your plan will be focused, useful, and used.

Team Building and

We will help you create a culture of collaboration and teamwork. Our approach builds robust teams, enhanced communication, and an environment where collective success is the norm.

Conflict Resolution Expertise

We ensure a creative workplace that fuels your organization’s thriving success by proactively turning hostile conflict is synergy. Our expertise lies in helping teams use their differences for creativity in an environment where they will flourish.

Strategic Accountability

The changes we help your organization make stick because we insist on building in accountability. Our consultants assist you in implementing structures that reinforce positive performance so accountability isn’t such an anxiety producing issue. 

Our Consulting Process

How Your Consultation Will Work


Getting Started

Agree on the issues to explore, how the change process will unfold, and how we will work together successfully with the client as leader.


Diagnostic Interviewing

Our diagnostic interviewing process will focus on understanding the systemic strengths and challenges your teams and organization faces.


Client Preparation

Using the analysis, develop specific steps for the change project and coach client regarding self-management in preparation for execution.


Implement Change

Implement through building agreements with leadership team improving their efficacy in leading the change in the organization.


Frequently Asked Questions


What do you charge for your consulting services?

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What your project will cost depends on several factors including the depth of the issues involved and how people must be involved. For that reason, we recommend two phases. Phase 1 is diagnostic during which typically takes from 24 hours to 48 hours. That will yield the information needed to determine the cost of the remainder of the project.


How long will it take to develop and implement the solutions developed?

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How long a project takes depends on how much time the client will allot to the project considering that their normal work flow must continue. Center for Human Systems’ calendar is typically much more open than our client’s schedules.


What makes the Center for Human Systems unique?

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We ensure the solutions we help our client develop and implement solutions that will resolve their issues at their root — no bandaids. Assuring the such solutions stick is part of how we are unique. We make a difference wherever we show up.


Why will you need to have a diagnostic phase since I will tell you what the issues are?

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It has been our experience over 45+ years that clients are experts about their businesses, but are less likely to have up to date knowledge of the dynamics of the human systems that are at the root of 95% of organization issues. Paring our clients’ knowledge with the Center for Human Systems’ expertise is a partnership that can’t be beat.

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