A Center for Human Systems Master Class Program

A leader juggling all the stuff that leaders have to deal with such as conflict, teams, change, and success

Learn to Develop Powerful Teams and Organizations that Create Powerful Results

You will learn the Disciplines of Self-Mastery that include…

  • Syncing the impact of your actions to your intentions
  • Mastery of your ego which can derail your effectiveness
  • Mastery of creating synergy and creativity from the win/lose power dynamics that may hamper the success of your leadership and your teams

You will learn to Understand Human Systems, “the secret sauce” for making teams work including…

  • Why teams and organizations behave in ways you can’t be predict from the values and beliefs of its individual members—they take on a life of their own
  • Why the norms of teams and cultures of organizations overwhelm the goals and desires of its individual members
  • How to create powerful teams and organizations from dysfunctional ones

In summary, you will learn to effectively manage yourself to create teams and organizational cultures of high levels of productivity, engagement, and satisfaction. Teams and organizations that retain your best people and attract new ones.

What the Program Will Do for You…

  • Build the self-mastery you need to replace automatic behaviors with intention and deliberate actions that will create the impacts of effective leadership
  • Give you the skills to create high-performing teams through understanding that human systems tend to manage us more that our managing them
  • Strengthen your ability to discern sound and current data from assumptions and interpretation to avoid misunderstandings & miscommunications
  • Improve your skill at using feedback to stay on target and to be immune to feedback upsets
  • Boost your ability to turn win/lose conflicts into energy generating creativity and synergy.
  • Enable you to build team norms and cultures that maintains high productivity and engagement

Who Will Benefit

The 9 Disciplines of Leadership & Self-Mastery is for leaders (official or unofficial) of teams and organizations who want to take their leadership skills to the next level and beyond. It is also for those who who aspire to leadership.

This program is also foundational for change practitioners such as organization development consultants, human resources practitioners, executive, and anyone who wished to be more effective in managing change. Change practitioners should also take a serious look at The Seven Core Actions for Managing Complex Change program.


Program Content

The 9 Disciplines of Leadership & Self-Mastery

1. Conscious Use of Self

The Path to Self-Mastery: In situations where effectiveness is essential or change is desired, leaders must replace habitual, automatic behavior with actions deliberately chosen to create the impacts they desire through conscious management of their emotions, thoughts, and believes.

2. Teams as Human Systems

The Secret Sauce for Effective Teams: Understanding human systems (which behave independently from the values and wishes of its individual members) allows leaders to manage the behaviors of their teams. Otherwise, systemic goals, values and beliefs, i.e., culture and group norms, tend to overwhelm the goals, values, and beliefs of its individual member as it seduces them to conform to the system’s goals, values, and beliefs.

3. Building Support Systems

No Significant Success Is Ever Achieved Alone: The ability to build personal and organizational support from diverse sources is crucial to effective leadership and goal accomplishment. No one achieves anything of significance without significant support regardless of the western belief that one must pull oneself up by one’s own bootstraps.

4. Contracting for Agreement

Building better Agreement for Better Results: Building the explicit mutually understood and mutually satisfying agreements that support their efficient and effective execution.

5. Sound & Current Data

Discerning Facts from Assumptions & Beliefs: Assuring we are working with data as up-to-date and factual as possible, rather than assumptions, interpretations, and speculations, avoids the misunderstandings and upsets that bedevil many leaders. On automatic, we assume our assumptions and interpretations are accurate.

6. Making Feedback Work

The Key to Staying on Target: Operating from the understanding that feedback is only information (neither good nor bad) allows leaders to determine if what they and their teams are doing is moving them closer or further from their goals. In addition, effective leaders when know how to receive feedback without upset and offer feedback that people will hear as helpful.

7. Shifting Power Dynamics

The Root of All Team Dysfunction: Creating teams that operate through collaboration, leaders can shift teams away fromthe automatic, win-lose dynamics that create hostile conflict and the excessive conformity which stifle synergy and creativity.

8. Learning from Differences

The Source of Synergy and Creativity: Differences are the only source of learning that exists. Using differences to accrue knowledge and skill leaders can stimulate the synergy and creativity that are the hallmark of successful teams and organizations.

9. Empowerment

Turn Your People on to Their Inherent Excellence: Leaders, who support others to identify and resolve their own issues, reach their own ambitions, and discover their inherent excellence, make their lives both more effective and fun.


Upon completion of The Nine Disciplines of Leadership & Self-Mastery master class program, you will receive the Center for Human Systems’ Certificate in Leadership & Self-Mastery.

Engaging Learning Methods You’ve Never Experienced!

Learn through engaging technologies where the focus is on you! What you learn sticks from a focus on critical thinking, introspection, and supportive feedback enabling you to apply the skills and concepts offered directly to the situations you want to make work.

    Time-Tested Learning Methods

    • Constant Emphasis on Practice & Application

    You will immediately be able to apply new knowledge and skills to the challenges of your workplace, then return to the program to learn from a discussion of what you did that worked and what didn’t.

    • Learner-Focused, not Teacher Focused

    Concepts are offered as discussions, not lectures to support an critical thinking and self-awareness leading to conscious, intentional  decision-making.

    • Learning from the Inside Out

    Learning new behaviors often calls for unlearning behaviors from old beliefs starts with patterns of behavior that undermine productive action. Modification of these behaviors allow us to impact others as we intend. This inside-out process is internalized learning that lasts because it comes considered choice.

    • Comprehensive

    The nine disciplines of self-mastery cover the entire waterfront the human dynamics that create effective change in teams and organizations.

    • Intensive

    There will be no more than fifteen participants in either program. This optimizes the attention that each participant gets.

    • Extensive

    The ten-month length allows the development and reinforcement of skills that work replacing behaviors that have gotten in the way.

    • Safe

    The program staff is deeply skilled and experienced in developing learning environments that are emotionally safe. That safety supports participants to explore the discomfort of their learning edges where the most profound learning occurs.

    Specific Learning Activities

    • Experiential exercises

    The concepts of the program are offered experientially which turns intellectual understanding into felt, actionable knowledge.

    • The REMEMORY App

    The Rememory app is a performance-based app for continuous behavior change. It empowers you to develop new habits by transforming our natural resistance to change. The technology is clinically proven methodology changes employee behavior by forming lasting habits

    • One-on-One Coaching

    Individual coaching with the instructor will be available to assist participants in understanding themselves and how to apply lessons to their particular situations.

    • Participant-Selected Homework

    The greatest learning occurs when participants choose for themselves where and how they will apply what they have learned to their particular situations. Learning in the program is both immediate and immediately applicable.

    • Supportive small group discussions

    • Connecting with Other Participants

    Conversations with other participants is strongly encouraged for additional conceptual and application support. New and strong friendships often occur.

    • Conceptual discussions in the whole group

    • Practice sessions applying concepts & skills

    Organizations that Have Used Our Programs


    Leadership, Change, and Self-Mastery using client-selected titles has been utilized by…

    • NASA’s Ames Research Center to support its human resources people to become strategic business partners.
    • The Army and Navy Medical Services to support the merger of the leadership cadres of their two national medical centers into a combined Walter Reed National Military Health Center. That took some doing!
    • W. L. Gore & Associates (makers of GoreTex) to train several hundred of their leaders in diversity skills.
    • National Justice For Our Neighbors (a not-for-profit organization) to develop their executive directors.

    Public Programs

    Leaders and change practitioners from dozens of high-profile organizations have put their people through the Leadership & Self-Mastery program. Google, Pfizer, Johns Hopkins, and Educational Testing Service, US Army Medical Services, Fannie Mae, Bowen & Co, Berkeley University, Stanford University, Sony PlayStation, numerous government agencies, a host of independent consultants, and many other for-profit and not-for-profit organizations have sent their people to our programs.

    We have held our public programs in Washington D.C, New York City, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Anchorage, Alaska. During the COVID pandemic, we held programs online. All programs starting in the fall of 2022 will begin and end with two in-person days, with the rest being online two consecutive half-days a month.

    The Staff

    Michael F. Broom, Ph.D., the founder of the Center for Human Systems, is a renowned organization psychologist with 45 years experience working with all kinds and sizes of organizations. Recent clients include Google, N.A.S.A., and the Hawaii Health and Harm Reduction Center. He has been faculty at Johns Hopkins, American, Fielding, and Morgan State Universities. The national OD Network has bestowed on Dr. Broom their Lifetime Achievement Award. Click for more about Dr. Broom.

    The Impact and Sustainability of the Program

    From Jill Charlton, a Senior Technology Leader

    Jill Charlton is an Business Execution Leader of Core Technology at W. L. Gore & Associates, the maker of GoreTex and many other high technology materials. She wrote saying…

    “Dear Dr. Broom, though we haven’t seen each other for nearly a decade, you are on my mind. I want to share with you an overdue note of gratitude. You taught a program at W.L. Gore & Associates called ‘Diversity Champions’ (their in-house name for the Leadership & Self-Mastery program). I participated in the 2011-2012 session. I use your teachings still to this day, often on a weekly or even daily basis. Your teachings have had the biggest impact on my leadership practices throughout my entire career across 3 different companies. I use your teachings around sound and current data, dialogic feedback, your version of a ‘big share’ introduction all the time. And of course, my favorite: ‘How’s that working for you?’ Thank you for all that you taught me. I hope you are well and know how much of a positive impact you have made on the many human systems which you have touched.” March. 2022

    2022 – 2023 Remaining Schedule & Topics

    April 13 & 14

    Learning from Differences 

    May 11 & 12


    June 8 & 9

    Making Teams Work

    July 13 & 14

    July 13 – Accountability and Sustaining Change<br>July 14 Ending and Completion & GRADUATION

    2023 – 2024 Schedule & Topics

    September 21 & 22

    Sep. 21 – Orientation
    Sep. 22 – Understanding Teams as Human Systems

    September 28 & 29

    Conscious Use of Self

    October 19 & 20

    Making Agreements Work

    November 16 & 17

    Building Support for Success

    December 14 & 15

    Sound and current data

    January 18 & 19

    Making Feedback Work

    February 15 & 16

    Shifting Win/Lose Power Dynamics

    March 14 & 15

    Learning from Differences

    April 18 & 19


    May 16 & 17

    Making Teams Work

    June 13 & 14

    July 13 – Accountability and Sustaining Change<br>July 14 Ending and Completion & GRADUATION


    General Tuition

    • Before August 15 – $4995
    •    After August 15 – $5995

    Not-for-Profit Tuition

    • Before August 15 – $3995
    •    After August 15 – $4995

    Student Tuition

    • Before August 15 – $2995
    •    After August 15 – $3995
    • A $500 refundable deposit is required at time of applications
    • Tuition payments are not refundable after the first session
    • Before Early Bird discounts require complete payment before the last day of the discount
    • Group discounts are available. Email michael@chumans.com
    • Indicate on the application if you would like a Payment Plan
    • A few partial scholarships are available. Email michael@chumans.com to discuss