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Empower Your Leadership Teams: Moving Forward In Powerful Harmony

With the power of the 9 Disciplines of  Leadership & Self-Mastery Intensive, align leader who must work together toward a shared vision.  As a unfied force, they’ll drive change, resolve longstanding issues, and elevate performance. Contact us now to move forward like never before.

Organizations that Have Used Our Intensive for Their Leadership Teams

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Who is this for?

Organizations that want to strengthen leadership teams

The Intensive  is for organizations that want their leaders moving forward together for maximum impact as they create organization cultures that are both highly productivity and engaging.

Your Lead Facilitator

Michael F. Broom, Ph.D.
CEO and President

Michael F. Broom, Ph.D., the founder of the Center for Human systems, is a renowned organization development psychologist with over 45 years of experience working with all kinds of org organizations.

Recent Clients Include Google, N.A.S.A., and the Hawaii Health and Harm Reductions Center. He has been faculty at Johns Hopkins, American, Fielding, and Morgan Universities. The national OD Network has bestowed on Dr. Broom their Lifetime Achievement Award.

The Content

Inside the Program

Let’s take a closer look at the 9 Disciplines of Leadership and Self Mastery…

1. Conscious Use of Self

The Path to Self-Mastery: In situations where effectiveness is essential or change is desired, leaders must replace habitual, automatic behavior with actions deliberately chosen to create the impacts they desire through conscious management of their emotions, thoughts, and believes.

2. Teams as Human Systems

The Secret Sauce for Effective Teams: Understanding human systems (which behave independently from the values and wishes of its individual members) allows leaders to manage the behaviors of their teams. Otherwise, systemic goals, values and beliefs, i.e., culture and group norms, tend to overwhelm the goals, values, and beliefs of its individual member as it seduces them to conform to the system’s goals, values, and beliefs.

3. Building Support Systems

No Significant Success Is Ever Achieved Alone: The ability to build personal and organizational support from diverse sources is crucial to effective leadership and goal accomplishment. No one achieves anything of significance without significant support regardless of the western belief that one must pull oneself up by one’s own bootstraps.

4. Contracting for Agreement

Building better Agreement for Better Results: Building the explicit mutually understood and mutually satisfying agreements that support their efficient and effective execution.

5. Sound & Current Data

Discerning Facts from Assumptions & Beliefs: Assuring we are working with data as up-to-date and factual as possible, rather than assumptions, interpretations, and speculations, avoids the misunderstandings and upsets that bedevil many leaders. On automatic, we assume our assumptions and interpretations are accurate.

6. Making Feedback Work

The Key to Staying on Target: Operating from the understanding that feedback is only information (neither good nor bad) allows leaders to determine if what they and their teams are doing is moving them closer or further from their goals. In addition, effective leaders when know how to receive feedback without upset and offer feedback that people will hear as helpful.

7. Shifting Power Dynamics

The Root of All Team Dysfunction: Creating teams that operate through collaboration, leaders can shift teams away fromthe automatic, win-lose dynamics that create hostile conflict and the excessive conformity which stifle synergy and creativity.

8. Learning from Differences

The Source of Synergy and Creativity: Differences are the only source of learning that exists. Using differences to accrue knowledge and skill leaders can stimulate the synergy and creativity that are the hallmark of successful teams and organizations.

9. Empowerment

Turn Your People on to Their Inherent Excellence: Leaders, who support others to identify and resolve their own issues, reach their own ambitions, and discover their inherent excellence, make their lives both more effective and fun.

Learn the powerful way

Our Engaging Learning Experience

Our immersive learning approach ensures the full engagement of each participant.

Experiential Exercises

Go through hands-on experiential exercises, ensuring a profound understanding of concepts for applying concepts and learnings.

Dynamic Discussion

Engage in actively dynamic group discussions that challenge old habits and beliefs for effective application to individual contexts.

Small Group Work

Our programs are capped at 15 members often working in small groups. The focus as always on application to individual contexts.

Continual Feedback

Get monthly feedback on what worked and what didn’t work regarding applications of new skills and concepts.

Sponsor Meetings

Monthly progress consultations with the sponsoring leader(s) along with any coaching they may need.

Individual Coaching

One-on-one coaching with the expert staff is available throughout the program at the request of any individual.


The Impact and Sustainability of the Intensive

Jill Charlton
“I use your teachings still to this day, often on a weekly or even daily basis. Your teachings have had the biggest impact on my leadership practices throughout my entire career across 3 different companies. I use your teachings around sound and current data, dialogic feedback, your version of a ‘big share’ introduction all the time. And of course, my favorite: “How’s that working for you?” Thank you for all that you taught me.”

Jill Charlton
Business Execution Leader, Manufacturing Engineering Management, Process & Quality Engineer at W. L. Gore & Associates
The Leadership & Self-Mastery Program was an ideal way for me to reflect more deeply on my role as a facilitator and coach.  The sessions focused my thinking on particular themes, enabling me to gain a much richer perspective on my work and on my vision for my practice.  The personal reflection and group dialogue gave me insights that helped shape my practice in ways that have benefited my clients and me.”

Dorel Shanon
Independent Consultant
“Michael Broom is a practitioner’s scholar. His depth of knowledge in the area of Organization Development and systems has significantly contributed to my professional and personal development. Meeting Michael in the Leadership & Self-Mastery program has placed me on the road to being the kind of consultant that I want to be… one filled with INFINITE possibilities!”

Mary Kinnard-Brown, Ph.D.
Principal Consultant, The Mitre Corporation


Intensive Pricing and Discounts

Cost Per Leader


Minimum of 6 leaders

Maximum of 14 leaders

Upon completion of the program your leaders will receive the Center for Human Systems’
Certificate in Leadership & Self-Mastery

be When We Meet

Schedule of Dates and Topics

Each session will eight (8) hours. The sessions of the first month will be on consecutive days.

Orientation & Understanding Human Systems
Conscious Use of Self
Making Agreements Work
Building Support for Success
Sound and current data vs Assumptions
A New View of Feedback
Shifting Win/Lose Power Dynamics & Conflicts
Learning from Differences
Systemic Change
Endings, Transitions, & Completion | GRADUATION!

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