Being A Leader and Managing Change in Organizations Is Challenging

  1. You must deliver results through teams and groups of people whose engagement and productivity can be uneven, unruly, and/or apathetic.
  2. You must manage constant change, insatiable demands from all directions as well as your own stress. In easy times and trying times, you must maintain a clear focus, positive relationships, and strong ego-management with complete composure.

The Center for Human Systems offers you three ways to master yourself, your teams, and your organization:

Executive Coaching and Consulting

Leaders in organizations need . . .

  • Compelling visions
  • Potent and focused strategies
  • Engaged teams for strong execution

The Center for Human Systems will help you with each!

Leadership and Self-Mastery Programs

Learn the nine disciplines of self-mastery to . . .

  • Revitalize the productivity and creativity of teams and team meetings
  • Transform win/lose power struggles into synergy and new energy
  • Ensure execution of your expectations

Articles for Thought and Action

  • Leadership articles
  • Conflict Management articles
  • Organization Development articles
  • Dragon Principles

Each – Consulting & Coaching, Leadership & Self-Mastery, and the Articles – is based in the Wisdom of the Nine Dragon Disciplines

■ Conscious Use of Self ■ Sound and Current Data
■ Shaping Human Systems ■ Making Feedback Work
■ Creating Support for Success ■ Transforming Win/Lose Power Dynamics
■ Building Agreements for Success ■ Learning from Differences
■ Empowerment