Being A Leader and Managing Change in Organizations Is Not Easy

  1. You must deliver results through teams and groups of people whose engagement and productivity you are also responsible for. We call that Organizational Mastery.
  2. You must manage constant change, insatiable demands from all around, and your own stress. In easy times and trying times, you must maintain a clear focus, positive relationships, and strong ego-management with complete composure. We call that Self-Mastery.

The Center for Human Systems offers you three ways to master yourself, your teams, and your organization:

Executive Coaching and Consulting

Leaders in organizations need . . .

  • Compelling visions
  • Potent and focused strategies
  • Engaged teams for strong execution

The Center for Human Systems will help you with each!

Leadership and Self-Mastery Programs

Learn the nine disciplines of self-mastery to . . .

  • Revitalize the teams and team meetings that do not produce enough
  • Transform win/lose power struggles that waste so much time and energy
  • Ensure that your people do what you expect them to do

Articles for Thought and Action

  • Leadership articles
  • Conflict Management articles
  • Organization Development articles
  • Dragon Principles

Each – Consulting & Coaching, Leadership & Self-Mastery, and the Articles – is based in the Wisdom of the Nine Dragon Disciplines

■ Conscious Use of Self ■ Sound and Current Data
■ Shaping Human Systems ■ Making Feedback Work
■ Creating Support for Success ■ Transforming Win/Lose Power Dynamics
■ Building Agreements for Success ■ Learning from Differences
■ Empowerment