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Unlock your organization’s full potential with the Center for Human Systems. We will drive your success with proven services.

Does your organization make beautiful music?  Do your teams harmonize the way you want them to?

Some of the Companies We’ve Helped

Where We Focus

Culture Change

Fostering cultural shifts that drive productive engagement and success.

Leadership Development

Equipping leader with essentail skills to lead effectively and drice success.

Team Building

Transforming teams into powerful forces for productivity and engagement.

Strategic Planning

Guiding organizations to develop clear strategic visions and a road map to their actualization.

Conflict Resolutions

Turning power struggles into synergy through effective conflict management.


Diversity, Inclusion, Equity

Creating diverse, inclusive, and equitable environments that fuel innovation and collaboration.

The Services We Offer

Consulting Services

Consulting for your organizations to resolve the pain points and accomplish your goals. Our expertise in organizational change sets us apart.

Root-cause Problem-solving
Proven Success

Executive Coaching

Executive coaching to improve leadership skills to create the changes that are needed and the management skills to keep things steady.

Effective Self-Management
Empower Teams

Practitioner Coaching

Coaching for change practitioners to deepen the skills and conscious use of self needed to facilitate complex change projects in resistant client systems.

Facilitate complex change
Work with difficult clients

Our Programs


Our Intensives Build Deep Skills

The 9 Disciplines of Leadership and Self-Mastery

Twelve Sessions over Ten Months

  • Ensure the impact of your actions sync with your intentions
  • Create powerful teams from dysfunctional through understanding human systems
  • Create synergy and creativity from win/lose power dynamics
  • Create dynamic powerful cultures that retain your best people and attract new

The 7 Core Actions for Managing Complex Change

Twelve Sessions over Ten Months

  • Develop the mindsets for success with complex change projects
  • Coach clients to transformative behavior change
  • Facilitate powerful team agreements that work from hostile conflict
  • Develop feedback loops to ensure execution and accountability

Our Workshops are 2-Hour Mini Intensives

Leadership & Self-Mastery

Four Online Workshops:

  • Self-Mastery & Conscious Use of Self – Where It Always Starts
  • Build the Powerful Support Systems You Can’t Do Without
  • The Power of Curiosity and Powerful Listening
  • Managing the Egos around You (including your own)
Core Actions for Managing Change

Four Online Workshops

  • The Practitioner’s Mindset for Successful Projects
  • Contracting with the Client: Setting the Stage for Success
  • Coaching the Client: The Driver of Success
  • Building Team Agreements: Where the Rubber Meets the Road

Here’s What They Have to Say


Michael has been invaluable to my building critical leadership competencies and the support systems I need personally and professionally to accomplish the impact I want.

David Shelor, Pastor and Synod Leader


Dr. Michael Broom absolutely changed my life! He gave me the tools to be the best version of myself! Michael has the perfect balance of pushing us to be better while bring nonjudgmental. I am a better person in many ways because of his support and guidance.

Slavica Hansbrough, President, Empowering Your People


Dr. Broom helped me see how I was contributing to my team’s difficulties and how to use a systemic approach to my teams that is so much more useful and powerful. Without Michael, I would not have worked all that out.

Robert Feeney, CEO, KaaS

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