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Complex Change Intensive

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The Breakthrough Program for Change Practitioners and Consultants

Dive into our proven seven core actions for creating complex change! Guided by expert Michael F. Broom, Ph.D., learn to create high-success change projects and provide your clients with results that will build your reputation.

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Is this for you?

Who is this for?

Change Practitioners

Whether you’re an organization development practitioner, human resources, professional, or project manager, this program is tailored specifically for you.


Managing change is a central task for leaders and this program aligns well with their roles. The insights for consultant working with clients will also parallel leadership dynamics.

Comprehensive & In-Depth

In this Intensive You Will Learn To...

  • RDevelop the depth of self-mastery needed to build a reputation for making a difference
  • RContract with clients at this vital point to set the stage for a high-rate of success
  • RFacilitate the development of team agreements that solve systemic issues
  • RIdentify and resolve the conflicts that have kept the client and their teams from success
  • RDevelop the feedback loop needed for effective execution, follow through, and accountability

The Content

Inside the Intensive

Let’s take a closer look at the 7 Core Actions for Managing Complex Change

1. Mindset for Success

Getting to be a successful leadership and creating the change we desire requires getting started well. That starts with a mindset focused on being committed to establishing the agreements needed that will serve both their success, your success, and the success of the project.

2. Contracting with Your Client

Here, with a firm mindset, we will explore the agreements needed for a successful project and the difficulties we have establishing them. Explicit and mutually satisfying agreement is needed initial goals, basic strategies, roles, maintaining a healthy relationship, and ego management. Agreements around these items are crucial to a successful project! You will learn the skills of establishing these agreements to prevent the failures that have plagued so many projects.

3. Systemic Data Gathering & Analysis

In this module, we will explore techniques of data-gathering to discern the themes and patterns that point to the systemic, root-cause issues that must be addressed for success. Individual interviews, focus groups, and surveys will be contrasted while the skills of one-on-one interviews will be emphasized.

4. Feedback & Coaching for Success

Here, we will explore sharing the systemic themes and patterns learned from data gathering and what to do about them. Of particular interest will be helping our clients identify and let go of the dysfunctional perspectives and behaviors that have been hampering their success. Coaching clients how to effectively negotiate with their team to create the critical mass of support needed will be another emphasis.

5. Creating Team Agreements for Buy-In

Here we will learn how to facilitate groups build the set of consensual agreements they need for successful resolution of the system’s issues and movement toward its goals. Essential facilitation skills including consensus building that doesn’t take forever will be highlighted.

6. Creating Agreements from Conflict

Unresolved conflicts are the primary cause of dysfunctions in teams. Their resolution is key to a group’s ability to develop effective agreements and to work together effectively. We will explore how to surface such conflicts, support their resolution, and develop processes to proactively resolve future conflicts.

7. Accountability and Consequences

With agreements in place and conflicts resolved, execution of those agreements must be assured against the resurfacing of dysfuntions. We will explore accountability structures and processes to monitor group and individual follow through. Establishing relevant feedback loops and structures that will reinforce alignment and correct misalignments will be emphasized.

Learn the powerful way

Our Engaging Online Learning Experience

Our immersive learning approach ensures the full engagement of each participant.

Experiential Exercises

Go through hands-on experiential exercises, ensuring a profound understanding of concepts for applying concepts and learnings.

Dynamic Discussion

Engage in actively dynamic group discussions that challenge old habits and beliefs for effective application to individual contexts.

Small Group Work

Our programs are capped at 15 members often working in small groups. The focus as always on application to individual contexts.

Continual Feedback

Get monthly feedback on what worked and what didn’t work regarding applications of new skills and concepts.

Individual Coaching

One-on-one coaching with the expert staff is available throughout the program at the request of any individual.


The Impact and Sustainability of Our Intensives

Jill Charlton
“I use your teachings still to this day, often on a weekly or even daily basis. Your teachings have had the biggest impact on my leadership practices throughout my entire career across 3 different companies. I use your teachings around sound and current data, dialogic feedback, your version of a ‘big share’ introduction all the time. And of course, my favorite: “How’s that working for you?” Thank you for all that you taught me.”

Jill Charlton
Business Execution Leader, Manufacturing Engineering Management, Process & Quality Engineer at W. L. Gore & Associates
The Leadership & Self-Mastery Program was an ideal way for me to reflect more deeply on my role as a facilitator and coach.  The sessions focused my thinking on particular themes, enabling me to gain a much richer perspective on my work and on my vision for my practice.  The personal reflection and group dialogue gave me insights that helped shape my practice in ways that have benefited my clients and me.”

Dorel Shanon
Independent Consultant
“Michael Broom is a practitioner’s scholar. His depth of knowledge in the area of Organization Development and systems has significantly contributed to my professional and personal development. Meeting Michael in the Leadership & Self-Mastery program has placed me on the road to being the kind of consultant that I want to be… one filled with INFINITE possibilities!”

Mary Kinnard-Brown, Ph.D.
Principal Consultant, The Mitre Corporation


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Upon completion of the program you will receive the Center for Human Systems’ Certificate in Managing Complex Change

  • $500 deposit required: not refundable if application accepted, refundable if application is rejected.
  • Tuition not refundable after the first session.
  • Group discounts are available. Email for more information

When We Meet

Schedule of Dates and Topics

Each session will meet on Zoom four (4) hours from 1pm ET to 5pm ET.

September 12 & 13Orientation & Establishing an Powerful Mindset
October 10 & 11Entry & Creating a Sense of Possibility
November 7 & 8Contracting for Success
December 12 & 13Interviewing for Systemic Data
January 9 & 10Coaching the Client
February 6 & 7Building Group Agreements #1
March 13 & 14Building Group Agreements #2
April 10 & 11Creating Group Agreements from Conflict #1
May 8 & 9Creating Group Agreements from Conflict #2
June 12 & 13Creating Sustainability & Accountability
July 10 & 11Endings, Transitions, & Completion | GRADUATION!

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