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Change Practitioner Coaching

Classic organization development coaching featuring, as needed, the intricacies of working with complex change projects. Improve your skills in the areas of conscious use of self and ego management, and working effectively with conflict. Improve your skills in all these areas and more.

Learn how to:

  • RDevelop Leaders
  • REmpower People
  • RResolve Conflict
  • RFacilitate Groups
  • RDesign Events

Key Topics

What This Service Covers

Contracting for Success

Organization development is the most powerful technology for creating and managing change in human systems! Your ability to create explicit agreements with your clients to use the full prpowof our technology is crucial to your success and your clients.

Expand Your Conscious Use of Self

And do the same for your clients! Boost your skills at managing your belief, thoughts, and emotion to help your clients do the same. This is the essential to creating and managing change effectively.

Use the Power of Group Level Interventions

Only the power of group-level interventions can transtorm group norms and reshape organizational cultures. Dive into the world or human systems with organization development, the ultimate technology for managing change. Say goodbve to less effective change management methods — embrace to full power of organization development.

Turn Client Requests into Systemic Projects

Learning to recognize and avoid contracting pitfalls is crucial! Dr. Broom can trace every one of his poor results to poor contracting. He can trace his successes to helping his clients effectively contract and re-contract throughout their organizations. This is the heart and soult of organization development.

Our Coaching Process

How Your Coaching Will Work


Getting Started

We will discuss in depth the specific the areas of practice you see as your strengths and would like to strengthen. Areas Dr. Broom suggests will also be explored.


Coaching Agreement

We decide on the number of sessions likely to be needed, pricing, and others needing clarification. Will decide how often and when we will meet.


Identify Projects

We will determine what will be the project(s), real or simulated, where you will practice your growing skills. Coaching before each project meeting is recommended.


Ongoing Sessions

We will discuss what has worked and what hasn't regarding application of your growing skills since the previous session. New topics will be discussed as needed.


Frequently Asked Questions


How long does a typical coaching session last?

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Typically sessions are one hour to one and a half  hours. We never believed that a fruitful discussion should end simply because 60 minutes has passed.


Do I have to have a current project that I am working on to benefit from coaching?

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It certainly will help. Using skill is the key to growing skill.  Often, our coaching clients have informal projects that can be used for application practice very well. We will suss this out during out initial conversation. We can certainly review what worked and what didn’t regarding past projects and hypothetical projects.


Can I choose the frequency of coaching sessions?

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Of course, how  often we meet will be up to you, hopefully tempered by Dr. Broom’s suggestions regarding the frequency most likely to give you the best results.


Is team coaching offered, or is it for individuals only.

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We take a systemic approach to our executive coaching. The success of any leader is dependent on the quality of relationship they have within their organizational system. How diagnostic interviews will determine very specifically any systemic areas requiring focused attention. This improves the probablity of success significantly beyong typical coaching protocols.


How long will it take to get positive results?

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How long it will takes depends on the frequency allotted to coaching considering that their normal work flow must continue. A coaching schedule of once a week or more will yield faster results than than a once a month schedule.

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