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You will watch videos of Dr. Broom being interviewed by Rani Gill who entertainingly applies the concepts in front of your eyes.

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Reading material that offer both general and deep dives in the concepts and skills provided by the courses.

Reinforcing Quizzes

Each module is capped by a quiz design not to test you but to help you remember what you’ve learned.

Individual Coaching

One-on-one coaching with the expert staff is available throughout the program by contacting Dr. Broom directly.

Three Ways to Learn about the Program

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What It’s All About

Thriving teams and organizations need self-aware leaders.

Being a leader is hard. You are directly responsible for delivering results through your people. Yet, those people are often less than rational and who, as a group, are insatiable.

All are causes for you to be stressed and less than rational yourself—when you most need to get rid of conflict in teams, decrease turnover, and increase revenue!

First among the myriad things a leader must master, then, is to maintain a clear focus, complete composure, and strong ego-management.

We call that self-mastery. The hundreds of expensive leadership development programs that abound miss this crucial emphasis. In our Leadership and Self-Mastery program that is just what you will get!

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Four Fascinating Videos
to Checkout

These four videos that will allow to learn about our program in whichever most interest you.

  1. Why You Don’t Want to Miss this Program” offers you a description of the program, why it is important for you to take it, and the benefits you will get from taking it.
  2. Nine Transformative Courses” shares the content and transformative nature of each of the nine courses.
  3. Two CEOs” features two leaders at the top of their organizations sharing what they took from the program and applied to their organizations.
  4. “Esther, David, and Becca” offers a conversation between three people and their thoughts about how the program transformed them and their work.
conscious use of self depicted as Icons of a face looking at it's head

Conscious Use of Self – the Path to Self-Mastery, Modules 1 & 2

Self-mastery begins with Conscious Use of Self! What does that mean?

Conscious use of self is about acting with intention and liberation when it is important to be effective. Our automatic, habitual behaviors can often get us into the kind of trouble you cannot afford as a leader.

This course shows you how to make powerful and effective choices by becoming aware of your thought patterns, and consciously choosing thoughts and actions that will lead to the result you want.

Included are the first two modules of the Conscious Use of Self course:

Module 1, Self-Mastery and Choice
Module 2, How to Stop Wasting Your time and Energy

The 9 Leadership & Self-Mastery Courses plus Three Bundles

Course #1, Modules 3 & 4

conscious use of self depicted as Icons of a face looking at it's head

Conscious Use of Self
The Path to Self-Mastery
Modules 3 & 4

Included are the second two modules of the Conscious Use of Self course. Discover…

  • Module 3 – The three critical areas of Conscious Use of Self that are most important to leaders
  •  Module 4 – How our minds work to make Conscious Use of Self less than easy and how to get past it

Course #2

Understanding Teams as Human Systems – The Secret Sauce for Effective Teams

Understanding human systems is the secret sauce for building productive and engaging teams! “Human systems” is a new term for many.

A human system is any group of people that impact one another. Understanding human systems is important because individual people tend to be shaped by system behavior such as group norms and organizational culture rather than people shaping system behavior.

In this topic, you’ll discover the significance of human systems and how to focus system behavior to benefit your team and organization.

Course #3

A group of people having locked their hands and arms together symibolizing a ssupport system

Creating Powerful Support Systems – Significant Success Is Never Achieved Alone

Any successful person will tell you that they didn’t get to the top…alone. They had help.

You can achieve more…and in a shorter amount of time…if you have the right people supporting you.

This course is all about support systems…and how to effectively develop them to accomplish your personal and systemic goals.

Course #4

A Black business man and a white, business woman shaking hands in agreement
Contracting –
Building Better Agreements
for Better Results

Misunderstandings, all too often, get in the way of effective leadership and can lead to irreparable damage.

They’re also the number one reason why teams are ineffective. However, misunderstandings are completely avoidable.

In this course, you’ll learn how to develop explicit agreements, also known as contracting, that clarify expectations, avoid upsets and establish accountability.

Plus, you’ll learn the art of negotiating the three most important areas to avoiding misunderstandings.

Course #5

Sound & Current Data – Discerning Facts from Assumptions & Beliefs

Opinions and beliefs are one thing… facts are another. Your opinions, beliefs, and assumptions can be wrong.

Admit it. There have been times when your assumptions, personal interpretations and judgements have been incorrect and disrupted your ability to lead effectively.

There is no substitute for having sound and current data to draw upon.

This course teaches you the value of exploring your curious nature…to keep searching for knowledge and information…and how that will ultimately lead you in building a great team and organization.

Course #6

A circle with action leading to impact representing feedback loop.

Making Feedback Useful –
How to Know if You Are On Target or Off

People cringe when someone says, “May I give you some feedback?”

Feedback can tell you if your leadership is on track or in need of correction. Yet it is an essential part of growth and development.

But, you must be open to receive it and skilled at giving it.

This course offers proven tools to both receive and offer feedback. You will also learn to establish systems feedback loops that will keep you and your human systems on target.

Course #7

A lightning bolt representing Power

Shift Power Dynamics – Transform Win/Lose Power Struggles to Everyone Wins

Conflicts and power struggles come all to easily in our human systems. Engaging in win-lose power dynamics will only take you so far and the risks can be unfortunate.

Achieving real influence and persuasion requires a shift in approach.

This course teaches how to tap into your energizing, infinite power to accomplish the greatest results through others.

Course #8

African kids being curious about a white girl

Learning from Differences – Use Differences for Creativity and Synergy

When people speak of differences, they often speak of them in a negative way. They are used to establish who’s wrong or who’s right….or who wins or who loses.

But, there’s a lot to be gained from differences…such learning new ideas, increasing synergies and enhancing creativity.

This course shows the many ways you can learn and benefit from differences.

Course #9

A circle with action leading to impact representing feedback loop.
Making Empowerment Work –
Turning Your People on to Themselves

Imagine the results you could achieve leading a team who have learned from you the power of conscious, intentional, and deliberate choice-making!

In our final course you will learn how to support your followers to toward actualizing their conscious use of self as you have.

Course Bundles for Savings

The 1st 3 Courses for $895!
  1. Conscious Use of Self
  2. Teams as Human systems
  3. Support Systems
The 1st 6 Courses for $1795!
  1. Conscious Use of Self
  2. Teams as Human systems
  3. Support Systems
  4. Contracting for Agreement
  5. Sound and Current Data
  6. Making Feedback Work
All 9 Courses for $2495!
  1. Conscious Use of Self
  2. Teams as Human systems
  3. Support Systems
  4. Contracting for Agreement
  5. Sound and Current Data
  6. Making Feedback Work
  7. Shift PowerDynamics
  8. Learning from Differences
  9. Empowerment

Your Lead Facilitator

Michael F. Broom, Ph.D.
CEO and President

Michael F. Broom, Ph.D., the founder of the Center for Human systems, is a renowned organization development psychologist with over 45 years of experience working with all kinds of org organizations.

Recent Clients Include Google, N.A.S.A., and the Hawaii Health and Harm Reductions Center. He has been faculty at Johns Hopkins, American, Fielding, and Morgan Universities. The national OD Network has bestowed on Dr. Broom their Lifetime Achievement Award.


The Impact and Sustainability of the Intensive

Jill Charlton
“I use your teachings still to this day, often on a weekly or even daily basis. Your teachings have had the biggest impact on my leadership practices throughout my entire career across 3 different companies. I use your teachings around sound and current data, dialogic feedback, your version of a ‘big share’ introduction all the time. And of course, my favorite: “How’s that working for you?” Thank you for all that you taught me.”

Jill Charlton
Business Execution Leader, Manufacturing Engineering Management, Process & Quality Engineer at W. L. Gore & Associates
The Leadership & Self-Mastery Program was an ideal way for me to reflect more deeply on my role as a facilitator and coach.  The sessions focused my thinking on particular themes, enabling me to gain a much richer perspective on my work and on my vision for my practice.  The personal reflection and group dialogue gave me insights that helped shape my practice in ways that have benefited my clients and me.”

Dorel Shanon
Independent Consultant
“Michael Broom is a practitioner’s scholar. His depth of knowledge in the area of Organization Development and systems has significantly contributed to my professional and personal development. Meeting Michael in the Leadership & Self-Mastery program has placed me on the road to being the kind of consultant that I want to be… one filled with INFINITE possibilities!”

Mary Kinnard-Brown, Ph.D.
Principal Consultant, The Mitre Corporation

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