Master Class in Leadership, Change, & Self-Mastery

In-Person, Online, or Self-Paced

The Master Class in Leadership, Change, & Self-Mastery will . . .

  • Increase your everyday effectiveness and efficiency
  • Develop strong, adaptable teams and establish a culture of accountability
  • Create agreements that clarify expectations, establish accountability, and avoid upsets, miscommunications, and misunderstanding.
  • Turn energy wasting win/lose conflicts into energy generating creativity and synergy
  • Develop feedback mechanics that will help you and your organization stay on target rather than create anxiety
  • Garner the support you need for successful change projects

Free Introductory Workshops Available

As the leader, the buck stops with you. It’s your job to get your team on board and deliver results. An effective leader has the ability to motivate people…in the best and worst of circumstances… in pursuit of a common goal. And, let’s be honest…this isn’t easy.

Leadership offers many challenges such as . . .

  • Teams that aren’t getting it done
  • Meetings that waste time
  • Difficult personalities
  • Handling the stress of constant demands from all directions
  • And keeping your own health and well-being in check. 

But, to win in leadership . . . you must master them all!

And, that starts with mastering yourself!

Self-mastery is the critical component of leadership. That is what you will learn in our Leadership & Self-Mastery Master Classes.

Unlike other leadership and development courses that cost a fortune and lack this essential element, our Leadership and Self-Mastery Program teaches the skills you need to build powerful and motivated teams that eagerly follow your lead.

Leaders from dozens of high profile organizations have put their people through this course . . . including Google, Pfizer, Johns Hopkins, and Educational Testing Service (ETS) . . . to name just a few . . . and numerous non-profit organizations. In addition, units of National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the United States Army Medical Services and W.L. Gore & Associates (the makers of Gore-Tex) have brought the program in-house to develop their leaders..

It will work for you, too. As an organizational psychologist, I have more than 40 years experience and a proven track record of helping large and small organizations improve their productivity and leadership skills. This information is tested and proven.

Who Will Benefit from the Master Class

The Master Class in Leadership, Change, & Self-Mastery is for leaders—whether you’re called that or not.

And it’s for those change practitioners who help leaders develop.

It’s about mastering the behaviors, practices and disciplines of leadership and change.

How the Master Class Programs Works

The Master Class covers the Nine Disciplines of Self-Mastery over ten to twelve months meeting eight hours each month in cohorts of eight to twelve participants. Developing the skills of self-mastery calls for replacing the behaviors that hamper effective leadership with more effective ones. Learning is more deeply embedded by consistently practicing over time with the support a cohort of learners and the highly skilled and deeply experienced facilitators, Dr. Michael F. Broom, the founder of the Center for Human Systems, and Dr. David Shelor, executive coach and consultant to organizations.

These programs have the same content as the enormously successful Triple Impact Intensive developed by Edith and Charles Seashore and Dr. Broom at the Johns Hopkins University.

Master Class in Leadership, Change, & Self-Mastery includes three critical dimensions missed by typical leadership development programs.

  • Continuous practice and support: Learning is deeply embedded by examining long-held beliefs and consistently practicing more effective beliefs and behaviors throughout the months of the program. Both are reinforced by the support of the cohort of learners and the facilitators.
  • Learning from the inside out: Unlearning behaviors from old beliefs starts with identifying patterns that undermine productive thoughts and emotions. Modification of these behaviors allow us to impact others as we intend. This inside-out process also promotes learning that lasts.
  • Applied learning and feedback: You will immediately be able to apply new knowledge and skills to the challenges of your workplace, then return to the program to learn from a discussion of what you did that worked and what didn’t
The Tampa Bay In-Person Master Class

To sample the power of the in-person and online Master Class sign-up for one of the monthly free introductory workshops.

Webinars: Fridays from
12pm to 1:30
In-Person: Saturdays from
9:30 to 12:30
November 6, 2020November 7, 2020
December 3December 4
January 8, 2021January 9, 2021
February 19February 20
March 19March 19
Free Introductory Workshops and Webinars

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Want a Master Class in Your City?

We will bring the Intensive to your city. We will support you to bring together a group to experience a half-day introductory workshop where a sample of the contents and delivery of the program will be offered and questions answered. There is no charge for the half-day program that will help each participant decide about enrolling in the full program.

Contact Dr. Broom at for further information about an Intensive in Your City!

The Online Master Class

If an Intensive in your city is not possible, sign-up for an on-line Intensive and join a diverse, learning-intense, supportive cohort of individuals from all kinds of places. Each month of the program, the group will meet for 3.5 hours on two consecutive days using the Zoom video-conference platform.

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Team Tip #1: Be sure that consensus decision-making does not become a unanimous, time-consuming process. 

The Content of All Master Class Programs: Nine Topics to Transform Your Ability to Work Effectively with Human Systems
  1. The Secret Sauce for Building Productive and Engaging Teams & Organizations – Understanding human systems is the secret sauce for building productive and engaging teams! “Human systems” is a new term for many. A human system is any group of people that impact one another. Understanding human systems is important because individual people tend to be shaped by system behavior such as group norms and organizational culture rather than people shaping system behavior. In this topic, you’ll discover the significance of human systems and how to focus system behavior to benefit your team and organization.
  2. Conscious Use of Self, the Path to Self-Mastery – Self-mastery is one of the all time great success secrets! Too often, people make decisions automatically, without thinking. It’s like operating on autopilot. A situation comes up and you just react, instinctively, based on the way you have responded in the past. Those choices tend to be negative and unproductive… and result in behavior like worrying, complaining, even fighting. This topic shows you how to make positive choices by becoming aware of your thought patterns, and consciously choosing different thoughts and actions that will lead to the result you want.
  3. Building Support Systems for Success – Any successful person will tell you that they didn’t get to the top…alone. They had help. You can achieve more…and in a shorter amount of time…if you have the right people supporting you. This course is all about support systems…and how to effectively develop them to accomplish your personal and systemic goals.
  4. Contracting: Building better Agreement for Better Results – Misunderstandings, all too often, get in the way of effective leadership and can lead to irreparable damage. They’re also the number one reason why teams are ineffective. However, misunderstandings are completely avoidable. In this topic, you’ll learn how to develop explicit agreements, also known as contracting, that clarify expectations, avoid upsets and establish accountability. Plus, you’ll learn the art of negotiating the three most important areas to avoiding misunderstandings.
  5. Choosing Sound & Current Data Over Assumptions & Beliefs – Opinions are one thing… facts are another. Your opinions and assumptions can be wrong. Admit it. There have been times when your assumptions, personal interpretations and judgements have been incorrect and disrupted your ability to lead effectively. There is no substitute for having sound and current data to draw upon. This course teaches you the value of exploring your curious nature…to keep searching for knowledge and information…and how that will ultimately lead you in building a great team and organization.
  6. Making Feedback Useful – People cringe when someone says, “May I give you some feedback?”Feedback can tell you if your leadership is on track or in need of correction. And, it is an essential part of growth and development. But, you must be open to receive it and skilled at giving it. This course offers proven tools to both receive and offer feedback. You will also learn to establish systems feedback loops that will keep you and your human systems on target.
  7. Resolve Conflict, Shift Power Dynamics – Conflicts and power struggles come all to easily in our human systems. Engaging in win-lose power dynamics will only take you so far and the risks can be unfortunate. Achieving real influence and persuasion requires a shift in approach. This course teaches how to tap into your energizing, infinite power to accomplish the greatest results through others.
  8. Using Differences for Learning and Synergy, not Conflict – When people speak of differences, they often speak of them in a negative way. They are used to establish who’s wrong or who’s right…or who wins or who loses. But, there’s a lot to be gained from differences…such learning new ideas, increasing synergies and enhancing creativity. This module shows the many ways you can learn and benefit from differences.
  9. Empowering Your People – Imagine the results you could achieve leading a team who have learned from you the power of conscious, intentional, and deliberate choice-making! In our final topic you will learn how to support your followers to toward actualizing their conscious use of self as you have.
Compare The Three Master Class Venues
In-PersonLive OnlineSelf-Paced Online
Interaction with Other StudentsHighHighNone
Interaction with StaffHighHighVia Community Forum
Relative Effectiveness100%85%50%
Number of Sessions12 over ten months12 over 10 monthsNine courses at your own pace
Relative CostMost expensiveModerate Least Expensive

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