Some Place to Go and People Willing to Follow

by Feb 8, 2019Leadership

Great leaders are going someplace extraordinary and lots of people want follow them! Leaders in most organizations know where they want to go. Keeping followers aligned and in sync to get there, however, can be frustrating. Here are seven areas to turn that frustration into excitement. All of the questions are born from the two primary aspects of leadership: They have some place to go, and they have people following them!

Some Place to Go

  1. Is where you are going extraordinary, exciting,
    or pedestrian? If you were a follower which would turn you on? How have you kept
    yourself from committing to go somewhere exciting and extraordinary.
  2. Do your followers understand where you want to
    go? Do you discuss it with them at least quarterly? Conversations about where you are going is the only way to know if they really understand. Don’t assume. Your speeches, proclamations, and emails tell
    them about you, but don’t tell you much about them. Do you need to listen more and talk less?
  3. Do your followers know how excited and
    passionate you are about your goal or vision? Have you been holding back? Cut it loose!

People Willing to Follow

  1. Have you asked your followers to figure out with you a strategic plan that will get you there? Meaningful inclusion in decisions is crucial to create the buy-in needed for implementation!
  2. Have you worked with your followers to
    establish the level of performance needed to achieve the vision? Do you reward them for meeting them? Do you let them slide too often?
  3. Do your followers work well together? Do you reward them for good teamwork? How well they work
    together is key to get to where you want to go.
  4. Do you give them space to be creative about
    ways to improve anything and everything? Including you? They know best what needs to improve, and they know how to do it!

When you can answer these questions in the positive, you’ll be well on the way to someplace extraordinary with lots of people following you!


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