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Conscious Use of Self #3: The Three Keys to Self-Mastery

Self-Mastery and conscious use of self have a broad purview. We use ourselves with everything we do, think, feel, and believe. Most of the time our automatic behaviors and thoughts serve us well. No mastery is needed. However, when we want to shift the dysfunctions around us including our own, being on automatic can be counterproductive. 


Conscious Use of Self #2: The Ways We Waste Our Time and Energy

Self-Mastery and the Ways We Waste Our Time and Energy


Conscious Use of Self #1: The Foundation of Leadership

When life isn’t working for you, when you aren’t getting the results you want, when your followers are stumbling around as you are; what to do? These situations happen to us all. At these times, we most need the power of conscious choice. We make many choices every day. We don’t notice most of them. Most are pre-made, automatic habits that require no conscious … Read More Conscious Use of Self #1: The Foundation of Leadership


Conflict and the Misuse of Differences

How we misuse the differences that we might learn from.


Leadership = Some Place to Go and People Willing to Follow

Great leaders are going someplace extraordinary and lots of people follow them! Leaders in most organizations know where they want to go. Keeping followers aligned and in sync to get there, however, can be frustrating. Here are seven areas to turn that frustration into excitement. All of the questions are born from the two primary aspects of leadership: They have some place to go, and they have people following them!


Quick and Easy Consensus Decision-Making

People think consensus takes forever, but it can be quick and easy/

Two Ways to Create Safe Teams and Organizations

An important key to having great teams and organizations is their sense of safety. Their members feel free to speak, to dissent, to be radical, and even outlandish. This freedom is key to having high levels of productivity, engagement, and creativity. In so many organizations and teams such freedom has been stifled. Cultures and norms of group think, submissiveness, and ennui develop when team … Read More Two Ways to Create Safe Teams and Organizations