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for Change Practitioners

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About the Workshops

Four Workshops for Change Practitioners

Learn four perspectives critical to those who support leaders, team, and organizations improve improve their productivity and engagement:

  • RThe Change Practitioner's Mindset for Successful Projects
  • RContracting with the Client – Setting the Stage for Success
  • RCoaching the Client – The Driver of Success
  • RBuilding Team Agreements – Where Success Happens

These two-hour sessions define success in the world of creating and mmanaging change.

The Workshop Topics & Dates

The Practitioner’s Mindset for Successful Projects

Thursday, September 12, 2 to 4pm ET

The practice of organization development takes a tremendous amount of discipline. In this workshop, you will learn the five mindsets that the best change practitioners have master to be successful! These mindsets will help you as well. What you will learn will include…

  • What you must do to increase the potential client’s understanding that you and  your expertise will produce the results they desire.
  • What it takes to consistently make a difference changing resistant, problematic group norms and organizational cultures.

Click to check out a great article on this topic, “Five Mindsets of Successful Organization Development Practitioners”

Contracting with the Client – Setting the Stage for Success

Thursday, October 10, 2 to 4pm ET
The bulk of change projects fail from a lack of certain clear and explicit agreements between the practitioner and the potential client. In this workshop you will learn…

  1. The three absolutely essential areas for client and practitioner agreement.
  2. The need to help the potential client create a sense of possibility and understand that your process will turn that possibility into reality.

Click to check out a great article on this topic, “Forging Success: The Art & Skills of Client Contracting.”

Coaching the Client: The Driver of Success

Thursday, November 7, 2 to 4pm ET

Sustainable project success depends your abiity to support your client to learn new skills in two key areas:

  1. How to use themselves more consciously and intentionally
  2. How to create the quality of relationship they need with their people to develop higher levels of productivity and engagement

Building Team Agreements – Where Success Ultimately Happens

Thursday, December 12, 2024, 2pm to 4pm ET

Facilitating agreements that resolve problematic issues and will is the step that will bear the fruit of the project. You will learn about the three areas most important to generating those agreements

  1. Managing team dynamics
  2. Facilitating decision-making closure
  3. Establishing accountability

Who Will Benefit?

All of those whose work is the help leaders, teams, and organiztions improve their productivity and engagement.

Your Faculty

Your Faculty

Michael F. Broom, CEO and President

Michael F. Broom, Ph.D., the founder of the Center for Human systems, is a renowned organization development pyschologist with over 45 years of exexperience working with all kinds of orgorganizations.

Recent Clients Include Google, N.A.S.A., and the Hawaii Health and Harm Reductions Center. He has been faculty at Johns Hopkins, American, Fielding, and Morgan Univerities. The national OD Network has bestowed on Dr. Broom their Lifetime Achievement Award

Slavica Hansbrough, Lead Associate

Slavica, Project and Marketing Manager at the Center for Human Systems and founder of Empowered People Consulting, blends her extraordinary ability to facilitate learning with compassion and her own openess to learning.

With a Master’s in Organization Development and as Hawai’i chapter president for the Association of Talent Development, Slavica, she enhances the people and organizations she touches by fostering healthy human systems, effective communication, and growth.

One (1) Workshop


What’s Included

  • R1 Workshop of your choice
  • REnhanced understanding of key skills leadership
  • RA 1-on-1 consultation with Dr. Broom

Any Two (2) Workshops


What’s Included

  • R2 Workshops of your choice
  • R Enhanced understanding of key skills of leadership
  • RA 1-on-1 consultation with Dr. Broom
  • RA copy of "The Infinite Organization" by Dr. Michael Broom

All Four (4) Workshops


What’s Included

  • RAll four (4) Workshops
  • RImprovement of your leadership skills
  • RA 1-on-1 consultation with Dr. Broom
  • RA copy of "The Infinite Organization" by Dr. Michael Broom
  • RA copy of "What Did You Say?" by Charles & Edithe Seashore

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