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About the Workshops

Four Workshops for Leaders

Learn four perspectives critical to today’s leadership:

  • RSelf-Mastery and Conscious Use of Self
  • RSupport Systems for Success
  • RCuriosity and Communication
  • RManaging Egos

These two-hour sessions redefine leadership success and will help you level up.

The Workshop Topics & Dates

Self-Mastery and Conscious Use of Self

Tuesday, September 10, 2 to 4pm ET

The most important leadership tool that you have is your own behavior. In this workshop you will learn…

  • The three key areas of of self-mastery – intention, connection, and ego-management. This is where you, as a leaders, most need to act greater clarity of intention.
  • To deepen you ability to powerfully shift your behavior to amke the impact your intend through making conscious choices about your beliefs that drive your thoughts that drive your emotions that drive your behavior.

Powerful Support Systems for Success

Tuesday, October 8, 2 to 4pm ET

All successtul leaders have developed a strong support system of tollowers colleagues, and friends. The idea that it is “lonely at the top” is a myth you must not buy. In this workshop vou will learn to.

  • Diagnose your current ldpleadershi support system of for areas of strength and weakness.
  • Confront the beliefs that have kept you from building a powerful support system.
  • Get a jump start on building your ldpleadership support system.

The Power of Curiosity and Listening

Tuesday, November 12, 2 to 4pm ET

The Power of Curiosity and Listening

Unlock the power of curiosity and and listening that are crucial to your depth of understanding your teams and organizations. Without these powers, you are in danger of living in the world of assumptions which often mislead us

  • Do you believe that “curiosity killed the cat?” Let us show you how curiosity, in fact, is key to your success as a leader.
  • Go beyond active listening! Learn to listen for important aspects of what people are saying to you that are vital to effective listening. You’ll be amazed what you discover!

Managing the Egos Around You

December 10, 2024, 2pm to 4pm ET

If there is a single thing that male life a leader difficult, it’s ego — big egos and weak egos. In this workshop you will learn…

  • The purpose of egos — their upside and their downside.
  • The importance of managing your own ego and ways to do that
  • How to help others to manage their egos so they contribute to your success rather than inhibit it.

Who Will Benefit?

Anyone who wants to understand what it takes to be a successful leader with today’s teams and organizations. It ain’t the way it used to be!

Your Faculty

Your Faculty

Michael F. Broom, CEO and President

Michael F. Broom, Ph.D., the founder of the Center for Human systems, is a renowned organization development pyschologist with over 45 years of exexperience working with all kinds of orgorganizations.

Recent Clients Include Google, N.A.S.A., and the Hawaii Health and Harm Reductions Center. He has been faculty at Johns Hopkins, American, Fielding, and Morgan Univerities. The national OD Network has bestowed on Dr. Broom their Lifetime Achievement Award

Slavica Hansbrough, Lead Associate

Slavica, Project and Marketing Manager at the Center for Human Systems and founder of Empowered People Consulting, blends her extraordinary ability to facilitate learning with compassion and her own openess to learning.

With a Master’s in Organization Development and as Hawai’i chapter president for the Association of Talent Development, Slavica, she enhances the people and organizations she touches by fostering healthy human systems, effective communication, and growth.

One (1) Workshop


What’s Included

  • R1 Workshop of your choice
  • REnhanced understanding of key skills leadership
  • RA 1-on-1 consultation with Dr. Broom

Any Two (2) Workshops


What’s Included

  • R2 Workshops of your choice
  • R Enhanced understanding of key skills of leadership
  • RA 1-on-1 consultation with Dr. Broom
  • RA copy of "The Infinite Organization" by Dr. Michael Broom

All Four (4) Workshops


What’s Included

  • RAll four Workshops
  • RImprovement of your leadership skills
  • RA 1-on-1 consultation with Dr. Broom
  • RA copy of "The Infinite Organization" by Dr. Michael Broom
  • RA copy of "What Did You Say?" by Charles & Edithe Seashore

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