The Nine Core Interventions

Creating change in teams, organizations, and other human systems can be a long and difficult task. However, the eight activities listed done in roughly the order offered will help assure the goals is reached

  • Pre-Entry & Entry: What mindset is usual to establish when going to meet a client? What are ways to establish a firm connection with the client?
  • Contracting and Re-contracting with the Client: What agreements need to made between the client and the practitioner to assure a positive outcome? How can transactional requests be turned into more useful and longer-lasting systemic projects? Creating possibility
  • Systemic Data Gathering: What are the best ways of gathering the data needed to determine systemic, root-cause issues?
  • Re-contracting and Coaching with the Client: New data from data-gathering may require re-contracting. How might the client be coached to get past faulty belief systems, and how use her/himself more effectively to achieve the projects goals.
  • Building Agreements within the leader’s system: How to facilitate agreements about goals, strategies, and relationship maintenance that are at the heart of having a successful project?
  • Conflict Management: All organization development projects have within them some conflict(s). What are the way of facilitate such conflicts from the perspective that we’re all in the same boat.
  • Establishing Accountability:Without clear reward-oriented and penalty-oriented accountability the best list of agreements will be for naught. What are the ways of facilitating the development of and agreement around accountability?
  • Follow-up: How to facilitate agreement to following-up to see if the project has taken hold or not.

Each intervention while straight forward in presentation can be hampered by the vagaries of working with human beings who are more likely than not to offer resistance, ego-ridden emotion, and conflict. In turn, such obstruction may trigger your own ego and emotions. To help us manage those, our eight disciplines of Conscious Use of Self we call the Dragon Principles are crucial.

When applied with both flexibility and rigor the Eight Core Interventions supported by the Dragon Principles will get you to where you want to go.