Executive Coaching

Coaching generically is different from consulting in that the focus is on the development of the person being coached to be more effective as they deal with other individuals within and beyond his/her sphere of influence. That is in contrast to the more systemic focus of consulting.

Executive Coaching with the Center for Human Systems, however, is different in that our coaching also has a strong systemic as we recognize that leaders must be able to understand and work with teams as human systems if the are to be optimally successful.

Our Coaching Process

A diagnostic interviewing process initiates the coaching process. Interviews with the leader, their supervisor, colleagues, and subordinates determine the key issues to be our focus. That process is followed by a meeting of the leader and his/her supervisor and the Center for Human Systems’ coach to build agreement around outcome goals, frequency of coaching meetings, frequency of supervisor update meetings, establishment of accountability processes, and time frame for completion.

The outcomes typically include two or more of the following. Other outcomes may be identified:

  • Visions that are compelling
  • Strategic Plans that will accomplish the vision including the goals and tactics needed for success
  • Productive teams of engaged employees
  • Performance management that supports motivated and responsible employees
  • A diverse work force that generates synergy and creativity
  • Conflict management that turns power struggles into synergy
  • A positive, stimulating culture that supports learning and productivity

The actual coaching meetings follow and typically include but are not limited to . . .

  • Exploration and selection of specific pathways to improvement
  • Establishment of open, two-way feedback between the leader and coach
  • Exploration of effective communication styles
  • Team meetings as needed
  • Conflict resolution skill building

We Will Understand Your Business

Through our diagnostic interviewing process, we will understand the strengths and challenges of your organization. The focus on root-cause, systemic solutions will ensure that issues we help you resolve do not return. Our process will cover your…

  • Services and products
  • Governance and management structures
  • Current and potential customers (internal & external)
  • Human systems of teams and other organization units
  • Communication and coordination processes
  • Operational and financial processes

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