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Classis organization development coaching featuring conscious use of self and ego management, creating systemic change, and working effectively with conflict. Improve your skills in all those areas and more.

Coaching in Organization Development is often needed to fully actualize OD as the most powerful technology for creating change in teams and organizations. The Center for Human Systems provides transformative one-on-one coaching to support you in the use of this most powerful technology.

  • Have you got a problem client that is stubbornly resisting your every effort?
  • Want to know how to shift requests for limited-impact interventions like facilitating retreats, leading trainings, and coaching into full-fledged systemic interventions?
  • Could you use help turning what you learned in your degree programs into practical skill?
  • Have you a situation where some support could help?

With a focus on application, application, application, the Center for Human Systems provides the support needed to work successfully with new or problematic change situations. A reputation to for creating sustainable change will drive your practice to success whether you are internal or external change agent. Great practitioners make a difference supporting the creation of great teams and organizations! And, great practitioners need great support.

Emphasis will be on building the skills of critical thinking, conscious use of self, and understanding the dynamics of human systems. Coaching will cover concepts and skill-building. Role playing and other experiential exercises will be used as needed.

Receive powerful coaching in the eight Core Interventions for Managing Change applied directly to the projects you are working on.

  • Pre-Entry
  • Entry
  • Contract for Systemic Change
  • Gather Systemic Data
  • Design Change Events
  • Coach Clients
  • Build System Agreements
  • Build Agreements from Conflict
  • Establish Accountability and Consequences

Our Coaching in Organization Development will delve deeply into the eight disciplines of change we call the Dragon Principles. They are needed to get the best use of the core intervention, particularly when clients and client groups are resistant, ego-ridden, passive aggressive, conflict avoidance, and emotional.

The Center for Human Systems’ coaching in organization development will talk you through such sticky situations. We’ve been there and done that for over 45 years..

Some Key Topics of Vital Interest to Practitioners

Contracting for Success

A handshakeOrganization development is the most powerful technology for managing change in human systems!
Your ability to create explicit agreements with your clients to use the full power of our technology is crucial to your and your client’s success.

Expand Your Conscious Use of Self

A head in silhouette showing the synapses in the brainUnfold your ability to make intentional and deliberate choices that will create the impacts you intend!
Then do the same for your clients! Boost your skill at managing your own beliefs, thoughts, and emotions to help your clients do the same! This is the heart of organization development.

Make Group-Level Interventions Work 

A group sitting in a circleDevelop your ability to make interventions that impact the behavior of the entire group.
Group-level interventions have the power to improve dysfunctional norms and cultures more than any collection of individual interventions. Deepen your understanding of human Systems. Organization development’s emphasis on human systems makes it the most powerful technology that exists for managing change. It differentiates OD from less useful forms of change management. This is the power of organization development.

Turn Client Requests into Systemic Projects

One man making a point to anotherLearn the skills to turn the requests of uninformed clients into meaningful OD projects.
Your desire to give clients what they ask for can be very hard to resist. Learning to recognize and avoid your contracting pitfalls is crucial! Dr. Broom can trace every one of his failed consulting opportunities to ineffective contracting. He can also trace every one of his successes to catalyzing effective contracting and re-contracting throughout his client’s systems. This is the work of organization development.

How Your Coaching Will Work

Coaching starts with a free one-hour conversation about what you want to accomplish in your coaching sessions and the situations you are or will be working with. You will be asked questions and offered suggestions that will help you clarify and specify exactly the areas of practice you would like to focus on. We will identify the steps you will take as a result of our conversation (we will do this toward the end of each coaching session).

We will close the first session deciding if you would like a three or six session package of session and discuss pricing and related issues. Of course, will talk about how often and when we will meet.

If you live in the Tampa Bay area, we can meet in person at a location we would negotiate. Otherwise, we will meet on my Zoom unless you prefer Google Meet or Microsoft Teams.

  • Subsequent sessions will include discussion and coaching about…
  • What work and what didn’t work regarding your activities since our last session
  • New topics you identify
  • Next steps to be taken before our next meeting

Who Coaching in Organization Development Is For

Organization development practitioners, leaders, coaches, and human resources professionals will all take their practice to the next level from participating in these powerful workshops led by an acknowledged master – Dr. Michael Broom.

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