Executive Coaching

Hispanic women writing on white board: vision, engagement, strategy, empowerment, and success
Executive coaching helps leaders learn to manage themselves to create the powerful followership of individuals and teams needed to accomplish great visions. Coaching is different from consulting in that the primary focus is on the development of the person being coached to master the following three keys to leadership success.
  • Align their impact with their intentions
  • Develop and maintain positive influence with others
  • Manage the ego needs that tend to derail so many

Executive coaching with the Center for Human Systems, however, is different in that our coaching also has a strong systemic focus as we recognize that leaders must be able to understand and work with teams as human systems if the are to be optimally successful

Our Coaching Process

A diagnostic interviewing process initiates the coaching process. Interviews with the leader, their supervisor, colleagues, and subordinates will determine the key issues to be our focus. That process is followed by a meeting of the leader, their supervisor, and coach to build agreement around outcome goals, frequency of coaching meetings, frequency of supervisor update meetings, establishment of accountability processes, and time frame for completion.

Executive coaching from the Center for Human Systems tend to focus on one or more of the following outcomes depending on the particular needs of the leader:

  • Visions that are compelling
  • Strategic plans that will accomplish the vision
  • Productive teams of engaged employees
  • Performance management that support employees to be motivated and responsible
  • A diverse workforce that generates synergy and creativity
  • Conflict management that turns power struggles into synergy
  • A positive, stimulating culture that support learning and productivity

Our coaching helps leaders learn through…

  • Self-examination of patterns of belief that may be hampering progress
  • Discernment of assumptions and interpretations from sound and current data
  • Development of effective communication skills
  • Seeing and managing teams as human systems
  • Effective conflict resolution
  • Establishment of feedback loops to maintain progress

Our executive coaching will help you learn to manage yourself effectively as you learn to build effective relationships with the teams and human systems you must work with and watch your success blossom!