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Resolving Conflict & Negative Synergy in Teams & Organizations

A few months ago, I was working with five faculty members of a university sociology department. They were having difficulty getting along with each other. There were lots of conflicts and negative judgments were abundant. I interviewed each one. They were all well-intentioned, bright people with excellent knowledge of group sociology. Regardless, as a group they were a mess. I’ve worked with similar situations … Read More Resolving Conflict & Negative Synergy in Teams & Organizations


Conflict and the Misuse of Differences

How we misuse the differences that we might learn from.

Managing Team Conflict

Cynthia Phillips, Ph.D., Guest Author Purpose of this Paper Describe the nature of conflict in teams Define types of conflict and describe how each manifests in a team Identify reasons why team members struggle with conflict Describe how a team leader can manage conflict within the team Summarize my key learning, with recommendation for an intervention that may work in a group conflict situation

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