Sound and Current Data for Sound Decisions & Less Conflict

Course 5 in 1 Module

Course 5

Sound and current data for Sound Decisions & Less Conflict

Opinions and beliefs are one thing… facts are another. Your opinions, beliefs, and assumptions can be wrong. Admit it. There have been times when your assumptions, personal interpretations and judgements have been incorrect and disrupted your ability to lead effectively. There is no substitute for having sound and current data to draw upon.

This course teaches you the value of exploring your curious nature…to keep searching for knowledge and information…and how that will ultimately lead you in building a great team and organization.

Choose FACT over FAKE

Sound and Current Data for Sound Decisions & Less Conflict in One Module

Let’s get going!

Sound and Current Data for Sound Decisions
& Less Conflict


Welcome to the Sound and Current Data for Sound Decisions & Less Conflict Decisions & Less Conflict course!

Feel free to read the attached PDFs either before or after watching the videos. The PDFs recap and supplements the important points of the videos.

At the end of the second video is a short quiz to help you retain what you’ve learned.

It has four steps:

  1. A video discussing contracting so that intentions better meet expectations
  2. Reading material
    • An interesting article that highlights sound and current data as a two way street
    •  A list of important points about seeking and offering sound and current data
  3. A video with an exercise demonstrating building agreements for impact with discussion of what works and what doesn’t
  4. A short quiz designed to help you retain what you’ve learned

Step 1: Concepts & Examples Video

Step 3: Exercise & Discussion Video

Step 4: Module 1 Quiz

Quiz for Sound and Current Data

1 / 4

To support others to check for sound and current data, which of the following is NOT useful?

2 / 4

Which statement is NOT helpful toward our being curious?

3 / 4

When I'm on automatic, which beliefs can get in the way of gathering sound and current data? Check all that apply!

4 / 4

Why is sound and current data important? 

Your score is

What's next?

We hope you enjoyed the Sound and Current Data for Sound Decisions & Less Conflict course. Remember, trusting your automatic beliefs and assumptions can lead you to making poor decisions when it is most important!

If you have any questions about this module, don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Broom at

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Making Feedback Work covers in a single two-part module the three principles that will transform your ability to give and receive feedback in ways that twill support your success as a leader.

Well done!

You Are Achieving Excellence in Leadership!

Next, the  Making Feedback Work course covers in a single module the three principles of giviing and receiving feedback that will make it the so useful and important tool that it really is.