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Course #1, Modules 3 &4

conscious use of self depicted as Icons of a face looking at it's head

Conscious Use of Self
The Path to Self-Mastery
Modules 3 & 4

Included are the second two modules of the Conscious Use of Self course. Discover…

  • Module 3 – The three critical areas of Conscious Use of Self that are most important to leaders
  •  Module 4 – How our minds work to make Conscious Use of Self less than easy and how to get past it

Course #2

Understanding Teams as Human Systems – The Secret Sauce for Effective Teams

Understanding human systems is the secret sauce for building productive and engaging teams! “Human systems” is a new term for many.

In this topic, you’ll discover the significance of human systems and how to focus system behavior to benefit your team and organization.

Course #3

A group of people having locked their hands and arms together symibolizing a ssupport system

Creating Powerful Support Systems – Significant Success Is Never Achieved Alone

You can achieve more…and in a shorter amount of time…if you have the right people supporting you.

This course is all about support systems…and how to effectively develop them to accomplish your personal and systemic goals.