Creating Powerful Support Systems

Course 3 in 2 Modules

Course 3 – Modules 1 and 2

Creating Powerful Support Systems – No Significant Success Is Ever Achieved Alone

Any successful person will tell you that they didn’t get to the top…alone. They had help.

You can achieve more…and in a shorter amount of time…if you have the right people supporting you.

This course is all about support systems…and how to effectively develop them to accomplish your personal and organization’s goals.

A group of people having locked their hands and arms together symibolizing  a ssupport system

Creating Powerful Support Systems in Two Modules

Module 1

The Importance of Support Systems 

We live in a society that overly values individual effort. Accordingly, many leaders believe that it is “lonely at the top.” That couldn’t be further from the truth. In this module you will learn just how important support systems are to leadership success. You will also discover the range types of support that leaders should available.

Module 2

Creating a Critical Mass Support Systems for Successful Projects

When projects have a critical mass of support, their development and implementation can proceed with minmal hitches. This module will explore how to develop a road map of support that will get you to critical mass most efficiently.

Let’s get going!

Module 1, The Importance of Support Systems

Module One Introduction

Welcome to The Importance of Support Systems, the first module of the course, Getting the Support You Need for Success.

Feel free to read the attached PDFs either before or after watching the video. You may find it worthwhile to have a document that contains a recap of the important points of the videos.

At the end of the second video is a short quiz to help you retain what you’ve learned.

It has five steps:

  1. A video discussing the importance of support systems with examples
  2. An interesting article that highlights the need for support systems
  3. A one-page list of types of  support plus an inventory you can use to see how well you are using support;
  4. A video with an exercise demonstrating support systems with discussion of what works and what doesn’t
  5. A short quiz designed to help you retain what you’ve learned

Step 1: Concepts & Examples Video

Step 2: An article — You Can't Do it Alone and You Don't Have to

Step 3: A List of Types of Support Systems + A Personal Support Inventory

Step 4: Exercise & Discussion Video

Click the link for the instructions for the exercise in the video Module 1 Exercise

Step 5: Module 1 Quiz

Quiz for Module 1 Support Systems

1 / 3

Check all of the items that describe why we need support systems

2 / 3

Which answer is NOT a reason many leaders fail to develop adequate support systems?

3 / 3

Why are support systems important to the success of leaders?

Your score is

What's next?

Now that we have established the importance of support systems and the need for a personal support system, Module Two turns our attention to critical mass support system where you will learn how to use a systems map to identify the key people needed to achieve a critical mass of support that will set your most difficult project up for success.

If you have any questions about this module, don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Broom at

Module 2, Creating Critical Mass Support Systems for Successful Projects

Module Two Introduction

Welcome to Creating Critical Mass Support Systems, the second module of the course, Getting the Support You Need for Success.

Download the “Systems Mapping” pdf so you can follow along as that process is explained.

It has only two steps:

  1. A video explaining  how to use “system mapping” to create an efficient road map to garnering a critical mass of support
  2. A short quiz designed to help you retain what you’ve learned

Step 1: Creating Critical Mass Support Video and Exercise

Click the link to get the “Systems Mapping” instructions so you can follow along with the video. 

Step 2: Module 2 Quiz

Quiz for Module 2 Support Systems

1 / 3

Why are three or more people are needed to help you do a system map? Check all that apply!

2 / 3

When developing a systems map ...

3 / 3

How can you tell when you have reached a critical mass of support?

Your score is

What's Next?

We hope you enjoyed the three modules of the Getting the Support You Need for Success course. Remember, no one has achieved anything of significance alone!

If you have any questions about this module, don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Broom at

Next is the fourth course in the Leadership and Self-Mastery program, Contracting – Building Agreements for Success. Leaders require their followers to execute whatever roles, strategies, and tactics are at hand. Too often misunderstanding and miscommunications hamper that execution. Building effective agreement with and among followers can prevent that.

This course will help you develop agreements that are explicitly clear, fully understood, and explicitly agreed on that will assure everyone is on the same page. It’s too easy to assume agreement when where there is none. As leader, to get to the outcomes you want, building agreements for success is a must.

It’s ready to go!

Well done!

You Are Achieving Excellence in Leadership!

Contracting – Building Agreements for Success covers in three modules the three key areas that you will find immediately useful to get to the success that you desire. The three modules based on our friends from the conscious use of self course are:

• Creating Agreements that Make an Impact

• Contracting for Effective Relationships

• Contracting for Ego Management