Using Differences for Learning,
Synergy, & Creativity

Course 8 in 1 Module

Course 8

Using Differences for Learning, Synergy, & Creativity

In this next to the last course, we dive even deeper into the realm of human power dynamics. We will deepen our learnings about mastering our egos to take best advantage of the fact that differences are the only source of learning we have.

In a very literal sense, learning from differences is the necessary path to the innovation and creativity that leaders need to achieve success through their teams and other human systems.

African kinds being curious about white girl

Let’s get going!

Using Differences for Learning, Synergy, & Creativity


Welcome to the Using Differences for Learning, Synergy, & Creativity course!

Feel free to read the attached PDFs either before or after watching the videos. The PDFs recap and supplements the important points of the videos.

At the end of the second video is a short quiz to help you retain what you’ve learned.

It has four steps:

  1. A video discussing learning from differences and fascinating exercise that makes the point very well
  2. Reading material
    • A one-page outline of how to use each of the topics of this course to learn from differences
    •  A single-page list on “Understanding Judgment in Human Systems”
    • A chapter, “Learning from Differences” from Dr. Broom’s coming book
    • Nine ways for playing infinitely
  3. A short quiz designed to help you retain what you’ve learned

Step 1: Concepts & An Exercise Video

Checkout Reframing and Curiosity Exercise so you can follow along in the latter part of the video.

Step 3: Module 1 Quiz

Quiz for Module 8 Learning from Differences

1 / 3

To learn from differences, it helps if we were to…

2 / 3

Which is NOT a useful thought  to help us manage our judgements

3 / 3

What is NOT a benefit of reframing

Your score is

What's next?

Hope you got a lot from Using Differences for Learning, Synergy, & Creativity; it is certainly important whenever we want to advantage ousrselves of the potency for learning that comes with the differences we encounter with those we work with and live with!
If you have any questions about this module, don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Broom at
In our final course, Supporting the Empowerment of Your People, you will learn how to support your followers to toward actualizing their conscious use of self as you have. Imagine the power and pleasure of leading followers and employees who have learned from you the power of conscious, intentional, and deliberate choice-making! In that process, you will also be reviewing the previous eight courses.

Well done!

You Are Achieving Excellence in Leadership!

Next, the Supporting the Empowerment of Your People course covers in two modules…

  1. Empowering Teams
  2. Empowering Individuals