Making Feedback Work

Course 6 in 1 Module

Course 6

Making Feedback Work

Feedback often gives us heartburn. Somone says, “Can I give you some feedback?” and we know it’s ot going to be good news.

It time to let go of that anxiety producing and see feedback for it really — information! Information that can tell you if you are on target to where you want to go and need to correct your course.

But, you must be open to receive it and skilled at giving it.

This course offers proven tools to both receive and offer feedback. You will also learn to establish systems feedback loops that will keep you and your human systems on target.

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Let’s get going!

Making Feedback Work


Welcome to the first module, !

Feel free to read the attached PDFs either before or after watching the videos. The PDFs recap and supplements the important points of the videos.

At the end of the second video is a short quiz to help you retain what you’ve learned.

It has five steps:

  1. A video discussing Interpersonal Feedback
  2. Reading material
    • A single page outline of making feedback work
    • “Four Principles for Transforming Our Fear of Feedback”
    • A chapter, “Making Feedback” from Dr. Broom’s coming book
  3. A video discussing Systemic Feedback
  4. A video with a exercise
  5. A short quiz designed to help you retain what you’ve learned

Step 1: Concepts & An Exercise Video

Step 3: Systemic Feedback Video

Step 3: Exercise and Discussion Video

Step 5: Module 1 Quiz

Quiz for Module 6 Feedback

1 / 3

Someone says something insulting about the quality of work, what choices do you have?

2 / 3

What is systemic feedback?

3 / 3

What's the best way to offer someone that they are most likely to 􀀇- 9 listen to?

Your score is

What's next?

Hope you got a lot from Making Feedback Work, whenever being sure that what you are doing is taking you where you want to go, good feed is imperative!
If you have any questions about this module, don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Broom at
The seventh course, Shifting Power Dynamics, gets at the most pervasive problem that exists in teams and other human systems. Power struggles and other win/lose dynamics waste productivity, destroy creativity, and ruin relationships. In this potent course and the next one, you will learn to turn such dynamics into the collaborative, energy-producing synergy that are the hallmarks of powerful teams and organizations.

Well done!

You Are Achieving Excellence in Leadership!

Next, the Shifting Power Dynamics, Resloving Conflicts course covers in two modules…

  1. Understanding Win/Lose Power Dynamics
  2. Creating Win/Win Power Dynamics