Empowering Your People

Course 9 in 2 Modules

Course 9 – Modules 1 and 2

Empowering Your People

Imagine the results you could achieve leading a team who have learned from you the power of conscious, intentional, and deliberate choice-making!

In our final course you will learn how to support your followers as individuals and as a team to toward actualizing their conscious use of self as you have.

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Empowering Your People in Two Modules

Module 1

The Empowerment of Teams

As we now know, teams are the basic unit of organizations. So we will focus on ways you can support their empowerment first.

Module 2

The Empowerment of Individuals

Empowered people are motivated, focused people, who have to be where they are. You can help them get there.

Let’s get going!

Module 1, Understanding Win/Lose Power Dynamics

Module One Introduction

Welcome to the Empowerment of Teams, the first module of the course, SEmpowering Your People course.

Feel free to read the attached PDFs either before or after watching the video. You may find it worthwhile to have a document that contains a recap of the important points of the videos.

At the end of the second video is a short quiz to help you retain what you’ve learned.

It has three steps:

  1. A video discussing the ways to empower teams
  2. A team empowerment outline
  3. A video with an exercise demonstrating win/lose power dynamics with discussion of what works and what doesn’t
  4. A short quiz designed to help you retain what you’ve learned

Step 1: Concepts & Examples Video

Step 3: Exercise & Discussion Video

Step 4: Module 1 Quiz

Empowerment 1

1 / 4

The Goal of empowerment is…

2 / 4

What gets in the way of team empowerment

3 / 4

Which is a reason that empowering teams is important?

4 / 4

Which is not a way to Facilitate, rather than dictate

Your score is

What's next?

If you have any questions about this module, don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Broom at michael@chumans.com

Next in Module 2, Creating Win/Win Power Dynamics, we will explore with examples, discussion, and an exercise how to move from playing win/lose to the infinite perspective of power where all involved might find satisfaction as well as increasing synergy, creativitiy, and productivity.

Module 2, Creating Win/Win Power Dynamics

Module Two Introduction

Welcome to Creating Win/Win Power Dynamics, the second module of the power dynamics course.

It has three steps:

  1. A video exploring  the concept of win/win power dynamics with examples
  2. A video with and exercise and discussion
  3. A favorite poem by Marianne Williamson that speaks very directly to the essence of empowerment
  4. A short quiz designed to help you retain what you’ve learned

Step 1: Empowering individuals Video Concepts and Examples

Step 2: Empowering Individuals Video Exercise and Discussion

Step 3: A favorite poem by Marianne Williamson

Step 4: Module 2 Quiz

Empowerment 2

1 / 3

To support some one to empower themselves, it can to ask them to…

2 / 3

To empower individuals, leaders must…

3 / 3

Helping someone develop an empowering support system is important because…

Your score is

What's Next?

That’s it you have completed the final course of the Self-Paced Leadership & Self-Mastery program!

Congratulate yourself!

Assuming that you’ve completed all nine courses, you now have an extensive understandining of the perspectives and skills leadership excellence.

If you are interested in turning your understanding into deeper skills, we invite you apply for a live Leadership & Self-Mastery Intensive at https://chumans.com/leader-intensive-public/

You’ll learn with a powerful and diverse cohort using cutting-edge totally involving educational processes where buildimg skills for immediate application in your own situations is always the goals!

Well done!

That’s It!

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