woman taking the self-paced program on her computer

Self-Paced Master Class Programs in Leadership &
Managing Complex Change

If you prefer to learn at your own pace, the nine disciplines of the Intensives are offered at school.chumans.com. Each discipline has its own power-packed course that you can go through at your leisure.

Each course will contain three to four modules. Each module offers an in-depth exploration of a key aspect of the courses topic. Each will include…

  1. Downloadable handouts,
  2. A video that explores the discipline with plenty of examples
  3. A second video with an exercise to help you apply the concept to real situations
  4. A quiz to help you remember what you’ve learned
  5. A forum where you can share your insights, ask questions, and dialogue with Dr. Broom and other students asynchronously.

Would you like to…

  • Learn how to build dynamic cultures for your teams and organizations?
  • Foster high productivity and engagement?
  • Retain your best people?
  • Get rid of the misunderstandings and miscommunications that take important projects off track?
  • Eliminate the power struggles that distract from the work that needs to get done?
  • Put an end to teams that do not live up to your expectations?

Featuring the Nine Disciplines of Self-Mastery that range from the mastery of own actions and egos to the mastery of the win/lose power dynamics that hamper the success of so many leaders.

Would You Like to…

  • Have your change projects proceed more smoothly from beginning to end?
  • Minimize client resistance?
  • Enhance your facilitations skills?
  • Improve your conflict management skills?
  • Keep your ego out of the way?

Featuring the Seven Core Actions from initial mindset to building agreements and resolving conflicts, to establishing the accountability that ensures execution.

You will learn the key steps leaders and change practitioners need to develop the team and cultural norms needed to correct dysfunctions and achieve excellence.