Leadership and Self-Mastery Intensive Details

Organizations Who Have Used the Intensive

Leadership and Self-Mastery is modeled after the enormously successful Triple Impact Intensive developed by Edith and Charles Seashore and yours truly Michael Broom at the Johns Hopkins University. It has been utilized by…

  • The Army and Navy to support the merger of the leadership cadres of their two national medical centers into a combined Walter Reed National Military Health Center. That took some doing!
  • W. L. Gore & Associates of GoreTex fame to train several hundred of their leaders.
  • National Justice For Our Neighbors, a not-for-profit organization delivering legal service to vulnerable immigrants
  • NASA’s Ames Research Center to support its Human Resources Department become a high performing team.

Create Real Behavior Change with Powerful and Engaging Learning Technologies

Meetings of the Intensives will consist of…

  1. Experiential exercises that call for introspection as well as interaction to give participants much more than just a conceptual understanding
  2. Practice sessions applying learnings to participants’ situations
  3. Supportive small group discussions
  4. Instructor-led debriefing or exercises and small group discussions that go deep
  5. No more than twelve participants in each program to ensure depth of learning

Between monthly meeting weeks there are…

  1. One-on-one, individual coaching with the instructor to assist participants in understanding themselves and how to apply learnings to their particular situations.
  2. Conversations with other participants where conceptual and application support is given and received.
  3. Participant-selected homework to apply learnings.

Team Tip #3: Do not accept silence as consent. Often it mean quite opposite. Be curious and inquire about the silence instead.

Certificate in Human Systems Engineering

Upon completion of a Leadership and Self-Mastery Intensive you will receive a Certificate in Human Systems Engineering.

Tuition and Details

In-person Online
Where Your city whenever you have eight possible participants. Contact Dr. Broom to schedule a half-day introductory program. Online via Zoom video-conferencing. You will need a computer with an internet connection, video cam, speakers, microphone, and strong broadband connection.
When To be determined The second Tuesday and Wednesday for ten months starting September 10 and 11, 2019
Tuition $3750/person $2400/person
Payment plans are available. Contact Dr. Broom to arrange.
Deposits $500.00 $500.00
Discounts $550.00 additional discount for alumni of the Triple Impact Intensive or the Practitioners Program. Send Dr. Broom an email to get the discount code. $450.00 additional discount for alumni of the Triple Impact Intensive or the Practitioners Program. Send Dr. Broom an email to get the discount code.
Class Size Twelve participants Twelve participants
Refunds Deposits are not refundable. Tuition is not refundable after the first session has been completed.

Summaries of What People Are Saying about This Program

Go to What People Are Saying for the entirety of these recommendations. Check-out the videos there too!

Steven DelRosso, Business Leader, W.L. Gore & Associates — ” . . . From a business standpoint, I believe the program has made us more efficient through the elimination of team conflict when project stress increases because we take the time to focus on the Associates and teams in the beginning, not just the task . . . I highly recommend Dr. Broom’s program for any team or business that wishes to increase employee engagement, improve team dynamics and grow leadership skills leading to increased business results.”

Willa Gaitanis, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Lead for Change Management —” . . . This course is more than academic instruction. It is an opportunity to internalize and apply principles, to gain insight and knowledge on “how things work”, and to practice, practice, practice.”

Gail Sacconey Townsend,W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc — “. . . One more very important benefit is: The material we learned can be immediately applied to back to work situations. I found immediate return on my investment of time. We built new friendships and had some fun as well!!”

Peter Aron, Facilitator of Adventure-Based Experiential Education  — “My experience with the Intensive has been profound and generative . . . I leave each session stretched, intellectually, practically, and emotionally . . . The Program has a way of both centering us and throwing us off balance, with the result that ideas are clarified, space is opened for new insights and personal awareness, and our consciousness is rearranged.“

Nina Kern, OD Consultant and Project Manager, JBS International, Inc  — “ . . . It’s a place where I could build confidence and see that there isn’t just one way develop organizations and that there was room for me to “use myself” uniquely . . .

Apply today for the Leadership and Self-Mastery Intensive starting on Tuesday September 4, 2018 at 9am PT/12pm ET

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