Master the Disciplines of Self-Mastery to Create Great Teams & Organizations

Build great teams in your organization! Today’s leaders are clamoring to figure out how to make teams work. Well-functioning teams are crucial to organizational success. Sometimes they work but too often they don’t. Learn how to turn team conflict into collaboration and lethargy into engagement. And, it’s online wherever you are!

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Recent research has documented just how dysfunctional and undesirable teams are in many organizations. For example, the Harvard Business Review featured an article titled “75% of Cross-functional Teams Are Dysfunctional.” A national survey from the University of Phoenix found that 95 percent of employees think that teams are an important workplace function. Unfortunately, 68 percent of them said the teams they’ve been on were dysfunctional. A Gallup poll found that “87% of employees worldwide are not engaged at work.” This program will help you create the high-functioning teams with fully engaged members that you and your organization(s) needs!

Team Tip #1: Great teams are built as they collaboratively solve their work problems, not team-building exercises with content that is irrelevant to their work. 

The “Creating Great Teams and Organizations Intensive” Is…

  • A transformative learning experience offering the ability to turn the teams, organizations, and other groups that you are connected with into high performing, engaging human systems. Turning conflict is to harmony is a special focus.
  • A supportive community of diverse participants dedicated to learning how to manage themselves to effectively and powerfully influence others.
  • Four 1.5 hour online sessions one week a month for ten months. Each week will give you the understanding and skill needed for immediate application. (The group may negotiate to modify this schedule.)
  • Two one-on-one coaching sessions each month guarantee customization to fit the experience and situations of each participant.
  • Eight Dragon Principles (described below) that represent the most powerful technology for creating great teams and organizations as well as managing change in other human systems.
  • Six Core Interventions (described on next page) that will help you navigate even the most difficult projects.
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  • Dragon-wise and dragon-strong. Only the dragon in us commands sufficient mastery of self to apply the eight Dragon Principles (below) and the six Core Interventions.
  • A program offering a Certificate in Human Systems Engineering.

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Team Tip #2: Be sure that consensus decision-making does not become a unanimous, time-consuming process. 

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How the Intensive and Its Eight Dragon Principles for Creating Great Teams and Organizations Will Impact You!

  • Conscious Use of Self: Consciously choose to switch off automatic and unproductive energy-sponging behaviors like worrying, complaining, blaming, and fighting. You will learn to make conscious choices that have the influence and impact that you desire. You will become aware of when behaving automatically is not working.
  • Understanding Human Systems: A human system is any group of people that impact each other. You will learn to focus on the systemic behavior of your teams and organizations rather than their individual members. Individuals follow system behavior more than systems follow individual behavior.
  • Critical Mass & Personal Support Systems: Realize that there is nothing of any significance that any of us has accomplished by ourselves. You will learn to develop critical mass support systems that are needed to accomplish personal and systemic goals.
  • Sound and Current Data: We automatically presuppose that our assumptions, interpretations, and judgements are correct and they often are. However, when they are not unnecessary problems often arise. You will learn the value of being curious instead when building great teams and organizations.
  • Systemic and Interpersonal Feedback: Do you cringe when someone says to you, “May I give you some feedback?” Practice new ways to receive feedback without upset and how to give feedback to greatest effect. You will also learn to use feedback to know if you are having your intended impact.
  • Power as Energy: Create greater influence and impact for yourself by shifting from control-oriented win/lose power dynamics to the more energizing and useful perspective of power-as-energy. 
  • Learning from Differences: We automatically use many differences to establish who’s right and who’s wrong, who wins and who loses. You will learn instead to use differences for learning, synergy, and creativity. After all, differences are the only source of learning we have.
  • Empowerment: Learn how to support others to do all of the above.

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