The programs of the Center for Human Systems focus on skill-building. Academic education offers important concepts that leaders and change practitioners will find useful. However, concepts alone will not create effective leaders or change practitioners. When situations are tense and emotions run high, a sense of presence, confidence, and self-assurance are needed. These are skills that result from the programs the Center for Human Systems offers.

We emphasis on self-mastery and conscious use of self. Participants examine long-held beliefs for current efficacy as they discover how often we are our own worst enemy. Unlearning behaviors from old beliefs allows the inherent knowledge and ability to learn we all possess to come forth. Learning with us is an inside to outside process that promote learning that lasts

With a focus on learning rather than teaching participants are compelled to learn ways of applying newly discovered capabilities to the challenges of their workplace.

The Center for Human Systems offers training and development in two forms:

The Creating Great Teams and Organizations Intensive and its short-form courses that will be published right here by spring of this year.