Three Paths to Self-Mastery for Leaders and Change Practitioners

Being a leader is not easy. You are directly responsible for delivering results through people—your employees—whose engagement and productivity you are also responsible for. Yet, those people are often less than rational and who, as a group, are insatiable. All causes for you to be stressed and less than rational yourself!

First, among the myriad things a leader must master, then, is to maintain a clear focus, complete composure, and strong ego-management. We call that self-mastery. The hundreds of expensive leadership development programs that abound miss this crucial emphasis. In our Leadership and Self-Mastery program that is just what you will get!

These programs include three critical dimensions missed by typical leadership development programs.

  1. Continuous practice and support: Developing the skills of self-mastery starts with taking time to replace the behaviors that hamper effective leadership with more effective ones. Learning is more deeply embedded by consistently practicing over time with the support of their team or a cohort of learners, and the facilitator.
  2. Learning from the inside out: Unlearning behaviors from old, no-longer-useful beliefs starts on the inside through introspection of patterns that undermine productive thoughts and emotions. Modification of these behaviors allow us to impact others (on the outside) as we intend.This inside-out process also promotes learning that lasts.
  3. Applied learning and feedback: The concepts learned can be immediately applied to participants individual situations. They will discover new ways of applying their capabilities to the challenges of their workplace. Follow-up with discussions with of what worked and what didn’t is needed to fine-tune effectiveness.