Experience Support Fine-tuned to Your Projects

Learn and apply the eight Dragon Principles to the projects you most want to succeed. Using weekly, small-group webinars and exacting one-on-one coaching for creating powerful project teams.

Michael Gesturing

Register your team or join a still-forming, like-minded group of folks.

Using eight powerful technologies, the Dragon Principles Coaching Project will help you to:

  • Develop your natural ability to lead complex projects of complex people.
  • Turn resistance into support.
  • Discover choices that will transform you and your teams toward greater success and engagement.

The Project Teams

  • You can bring in your own team of three to ten members who will work on your project with you.
  • Or, you may join a team of others with their own projects to get the benefit of a wider range of perspectives and experience.
  • Each team will be together for a minimum of three months and maximum of eight months.

Your Weekly Dragon Principle Webinars

Each month of your project there will be a weekly webinar for you and the members of your small group. The topics will be the Dragon Principles listed below

  • Conscious Use of Self: Consciously choose to switch off automatic and unproductive energy-sponging behaviors like worrying, complaining, blaming, and fighting–allowing you to consciously choose behaviors that you’ll find more productive and satisfying.
  • Understanding Human Systems: Experience how everything you do impacts those around you. Then build skill in consciously choosing behaviors that will support the changes you want in your human systems.
  • Critical Mass & Personal Support Systems: Realize that there is nothing of any significance that any of us has accomplished by ourselves. In turn, develop the systems of support that will allow you to accomplish your personal and systemic goals.
  • Sound and Current Data: Consciously choose to be curious rather than automatically presuppose, as we too often do, that our assumptions and interpretations are facts.
  • Systemic and Interpersonal Feedback: Do you cringe when someone says to you, “May I give you some feedback?” Practice new ways to receive feedback without upset and how to give feedback to greatest effect.
  • Power as Energy: Discover how to shift from control-oriented win/lose power dynamics to the more practical perspective of power-as-energy which allows satisfaction for all.
  • Learning from Differences: Gain skill at consciously learning from the differences that our egos automatically reject. Learn more about yourself and those who share your human systems.
  • Empowerment: Become aware of your own magnificence and support others to do the same.

The webinars will be held on a day and at a time decided upon my the project members.

Recordings of each webinar will also be available

Retention of what has been covered in each module will be supported by the Ringorang® app! Go to Ringorang.com to find out more about it!

Register your team or join a still-forming, like-minded group of folks.

The Individual Coaching Sessions

Weekly hour long coaching sessions will be available to each individual. The focus of each session will be on how to best use the Dragon Principle to further the success of their project. If one week’s coaching session is not needed, it may be banked for use at a later time.

Individual coaching will be confidential and recorded for later use.