MichaelThree Ways to Learn the Skills of Leading and Facilitating Change in Your Teams and Organizations

Master Classes and Coaching in OD

Will Deepen Your Skills for Creating Great Teams & Organizations

Strengthen your ability to create the power of sustainable collaboration that will enhance your reputation as someone who makes a difference! The Chesapeake Bay OD Network with the Center for Human Systems is offering three powerful Master Classes that will help you do just that!

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Registration is open! Just click and scroll down to Master Classes in OD!

Our Coaching and Consulting

Will Give You the Support to Make Your Teams & Organization Great

Great teams and organizations get there from great visions and collaborative strategies. In that process, problems melt away as vision becomes reality. Get the human systems expertise you need to establish the sustainable collaboration and resilience that will  move you toward your vision .

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The Dragon Principles Intensive

Will Make You a Powerful Catalyst to Create Great Teams & Organizations

Become a catalyst  to compel teams and organizations to excellence! Join a powerful learning community that will engage your passion. You will discover the wisdom and skill needed to develop the collaborative dynamics that hallmark highly productive and engaging teams and organizations.


Apply today for the Dragon Principles Intensive starting in September, 2017