Michael Broom is coming to Atlanta!

Creating Positive Change in Organizations: How to lead change while inspiring enthusiasm and engagement

Please join JumpVine Workshops on Friday, September 15 or Saturday, September 16 for a seminar run by Dr. Michael Broom, President and CEO of the Center for Human Systems. Dr. Broom is a Lifetime Achievement Award Winner from the Organizational Development Network (International Organization for Organizational Development), the largest international association of organization development practitioners in the world. This is Dr. Broom’s first time leading a seminar in Atlanta, and your opportunity to learn from a world-renowned expert right in town!

Date:  September 15, 2017 from 9am-4pm and September 16 from 9am-4pm

Location:  The ABC Hotel located at 123 Perimeter, Atlanta Ga

Who should attend?

  • Business Owners, HR Leaders and Business Executives looking to improve profitability, productivity and employee engagement
  • Organizational Change & Coaching Professionals seeking the latest information in their field to help them improve their effectiveness
  • Education and NonProfit Leaders who want to improve the capabilities of their organizations as they fulfill their mission

What you will Learn

The most critical element to effective change in any organization or group you are in is YOU.  You have much more power to create positive change than you realize.  In this workshop, you will:

  • Learn key principles of creating positive change
  • Practice putting these principles into action
  • Discuss the experience in small groups to maximize insights and see immediate practical application

Specific topics covered include: 

Conscious Use of Self – Learn to control your intention, improve your connection with others, and manage the potential negative effects of our egos. 

  • The principle of “Conscious Use of Self” and how it is key to any change effort
  • How to utilize ‘‘Conscious Use of Self” to greatly increase your impact on positive change

Energy Sponges – An energy sponge is anything that diverts our energy away from reaching our potential effectiveness. 

  • “Energy Sponges” and how they operate.  Become aware of how you habitually divert your energy away from taking positive action
  • How to utilize your awareness of your “Energy Sponges” to make more effective choices

Human Systems – Any group of two or more people interacting

  • “Human Systems” and how they operate everywhere you go in your life.  Start to become aware of them and their impact
  • How to consciously manage “Human Systems” so that you can be more effective in changing them

Why you should attend:

  • Increase self-awareness- the starting place for all positive change
  • Create greater positive change in all of your relationships with much less stress and effort
  • Apply new insights and skills to your work and home life
  • Meet like-minded people who can be future catalysts in your development
  • Earn continuing education credits for (list fields in which this will apply)
  • Have fun while learning from one of the best in the field

Why JumpVine Workshops? 

JumpVine Workshops are Different!  How many times have you left a “learning program” excited about the new concepts and insights- only to revert back to “normal” within a month?  JumpVine Workshops solve this problem through their

  • Clear simple methodology to help you turn insights in actions and new habits
  • Post event coaching support- receive three (3) 30 minute individual coaching sessions via phone or teleconference after completion of workshop.
    • Receive the support and accountability you desire during the crucial 3-5 weeks after the workshop.
    • Experience individualized coaching and encouragement based on what works best for you.
    • Develop clear, specific action steps to integrate the principles into your life and make them your own.

Sign Up Now!

Cost of the program is only $795 and that includes your three follow-up coaching calls to solidify your learning.

Sign up Today at www.jumpvine.net/broom workshops.

JumpvBrad Wolff smalline is a workforce optimization company. Brad Wolff is Managing Director for JumpVine, an Atlanta-based Employee Optimization firm. Its focus is helping companies achieve specific, measurable improvements in productivity, profitability, and employee engagement. This encompasses hiring the right employees to begin with as well as addressing the real challenges involved in a workforce that is truly engaged  in the mission, vision and values of their organization.

On the hiring side of JumpVine’s business, its Hire2Retain approach has resulted in a decrease in turnover from the national average of almost 5 in 10 in the first year of employment to only 2 in 10. Their approach has also reduced the number of interviews per hire by 50-75 percent. Wolff’s method measures whether people’s innate characteristics match a company’s open position and corporate culture.

He has helped hundreds of clients streamline the interview process, increase employee retention, and boost morale. A CPA by training, he combines his analytical skills with his more than 20 years in the recruiting business to achieve success for his clients.

  • Brad has the following Certifications:
  • Certification in Managing Change in Human Systems
  • Career Development Facilitator
  • Energy Leadership Index- Master Practitioner (ELI-MP)

We look forward to seeing you on September XX!