Leadership and Self-Mastery Intensives

Online or In-Person

The Intensives covers the Nine Disciplines of Self-Mastery in over ten to twelve months meeting eight hours each month in cohorts of eight to twelve participants. Developing the skills of self-mastery calls for replacing the behaviors that hamper effective leadership with more effective ones. Learning is more deeply embedded by consistently practicing over time with the support of their team or a cohort of learners and the highly skilled and deeply experienced facilitator, Dr. Michael F. Broom, the founder of the Center for Human Systems.

Leadership and Self-Mastery Intensives include three critical dimensions missed by typical leadership development programs.

  • Continuous practice and support: Learning is deeply embedded by examining long-held beliefs and consistently practicing more effective beliefs and behaviors throughout the months of the program. Both are reinforced by the support of the cohort of learners and the facilitators.
  • Learning from the inside out: Unlearning behaviors from old beliefs starts with identifying patterns that undermine productive thoughts and emotions. Modification of these behaviors allow us to impact others as we intend. This inside-out process also promotes learning that lasts.
  • Applied learning and feedback: You will immediately be able to apply new knowledge and skills to the challenges of your workplace, then return to the program to learn from a discussion of what you did that worked and what didn’t

The Intensive in Your City

We will bring the Intensive to your city. We will support you to bring together a group of participate in a half-day program where a sample of the contents and delivery of the program can be experienced and questions answered. There is no charge for half-day program that will help each individual to decide about enrolling in the full program.

Contact Dr. Broom at michael@chumans.com for further information about an Intensive in Your City!

Online Wherever You Are

If an Intensive in your city is not possible, sign-up for an on-line Intensive and join a diverse, learning-intense, supportive cohort of individuals from all kinds of places. Each month of the program, the group will meet for 3.5 hours on two consecutive days using the Zoom video-conference platform.

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Team Tip #1: Be sure that consensus decision-making does not become a unanimous, time-consuming process. 
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