Consulting is different than coaching in that the focus is on creating desired changes an organization unit or the organization as a whole

As your consultant our goals are to . . .

  • Help you to identify and alleviate pain points
  • Support you to enhance productivity through fully engaged teams and team members
  • Focus on root-cause, systemic solutions to ensure that issues we help you resolve do not return without quick identification and resolution
  • Leave you with deeper leadership and change skills

As the leader of your organization. We will work directly with you to help you . . .

  • Clarify vision, strategies, and goals
  • Develop support systems to facilitate their accomplishment
  • Manage ego issues
  • Create consensus without struggle
  • Support conflict resolution
  • Establish accountability

Our roles include

  • Coach you to improve your skills in all of the above
  • Design group and organization processes that will ease accomplishment of your goals
  • Facilitate group processes to create strong and engaging teams
  • Support conflict resolution as needed

We will understand your business as well as your organization

We believe that effective consulting is not possible if we not have a thorough understanding of both our client’s business and the organization that has been developed to conduct that business. An organization and its business are inextricably linked. Therefore, our diagnostic interviewing process will focus on understanding the strengths and challenges of your organization and its business. Many consultants focus on one but not the other. The Center for Human Systems focuses on both.

Our diagnostic process will cover your…

  • Services and products
  • Governance and management structures
  • Current and potential customer bases (internal & external)
  • Functionality of teams and organization units
  • Communication and coordination processes
  • Operational and financial processes
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