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Articles for Leaders & Change Practitioners

The Articles for Leaders and Change Practitioners offer concentrated insights into effective leadership, change management, and conflict. They are in four categories: Leadership, Organization Development, Conflict Resolution, and Dragon Principles.

Leadership Articles will describe a range of aspects of the two core elements of leadership: some place to go and people willing to follow. Having and communicating clear, exciting, and enticing place to go attract the followers leaders need there! Keeping those followers engaged, aligned and productive, however, can be frustrating with requisite skills and understanding of human systems.

Organization Development Articles offer key ideas regarding what organization development is and how it works so that it is the most powerful technology for managing change in human systems. The articles are based in defining organization development as the technology of using collaboration and consensus-building with leaders and their teams to…

  • Create systemic change and root-cause problem solving on behalf of…
  • Improving productivity and employee engagement through…
  • Strengthening the human systems through which the work of the organization is done.

This definition offers the essence of (1) what practitioners do, (2) the results they are after, and (3) how they do it.

Conflict Resolution Articles offer insights into how to use differences for harmony, learning, creativity, and synergy rather than the waste of contention, hostility, acrimony, and loss of productivity. Conflict, both aggressive and passive aggressive, are at the root of all dysfunctions in teams, organizations, and other human systems. Understanding how to resolve the too normal tendency toward conflict is imperative.

Dragon Principles Articles explore the eight skills needed by leaders and change practitioners to maintain their effectiveness when working with the emotions and egos (including our own) that are prevalent of human systems that are stressed or dysfunctional.

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Conflict Resolution Articles

Dragon Principles

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