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Conscious Use of Self #3: The Three Keys to Self-Mastery

Self-Mastery and conscious use of self have a broad purview. We use ourselves with everything we do, think, feel, and believe. Most of the time our automatic behaviors and thoughts serve us well. No mastery is needed. However, when we want to shift the dysfunctions around us including our own, being on automatic can be counterproductive. 


The Ways We Waste Our Time and Energy: Conscious Use of Self #2

Time is a resource. And leaders never have enough of it. There are staffs to be managed, customers to coddled, finances to figured out, superiors to satisfy, and the partner and kids at home to be pleased and loved. The list goes on and on. Time’s a wastin’. Yet, we rarely think about the things we do on automatic which waste time and energy. … Read More The Ways We Waste Our Time and Energy: Conscious Use of Self #2


The Foundation of Effective Leadership

The foundation of effective leadership is the self-mastery that is needed when followers aren’t following and results are hard to come by. When life isn’t working for you, when you aren’t getting the results you want, when your followers are stumbling around as you are; what to do? These situations happen to us all. At these times, we most need the power of conscious … Read More The Foundation of Effective Leadership

It Takes Dragons

People ask me why I use a rather fierce looking dragon as my Center for Human Systems’ logo. Dragons are known throughout the world in all climates, cultures, and eras. There are dragons with horns, claws, breath of fire, great size (some small), wondrous wings (some wing-less), and marvelous colors. These serpentine creatures forever populate our myths, legends, novels, and movies. Dragons are strong, … Read More It Takes Dragons

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