Dysfunctional Teams & the Center for Human Systems

On an evening dog walk, I listened to this episode of Michael Lewis’ podcast https://www.pushkin.fm/podcasts/against-the-rules/episode-6-the-overconfidence-game and laughed out loud several times. Mansplaining… Oh boy, after 30 years of serving in the Army, did I know what it feels like to be on the receiving end! It used to drive me nuts when it happened. A few times, I got into a nasty verbal war with my opponent over it; other times I would just take it and then avoid the culprit until I’d forgotten about it. In either case, the team’s performance suffered, and we were both responsible for that. Unfortunately, this type of dysfunctional team behavior is all too common. Oftentimes, both parties are totally on automatic around their behaviors, not noticing their problematic patterns or the negative impact they are both having on the team. This, along with a whole host of other dysfunctional team behaviors, can be holding your team back from achieving high performance.

That’s where the Center for Human Systems can help. Might this, or another insidious dysfunctional behavior, be going on in your teams? Would you know if it was? Might YOU be on the receiving or sending end of this type of behavior? Would YOU know it if you were? Has your choice to address it, or not address it, had an impact on your team? Of course it does! Is it the impact you wanted? How would you know?… If any of these questions have made you curious, then let’s talk!

The approach the Center for Human Systems takes in organizational consulting and leadership development has over 40-years-worth of proven effectiveness in sussing out the dysfunctional behaviors that are getting in the way of you and your team achieving high performance. In today’s competitive business environment, your team’s performance matters. Let us help you identify the dysfunctional behaviors that are getting in your way and work with your team to address them so you too can achieve high performance.